Howdy, I’m david (they/them)

I am an artist, web developer, and a troublemaker for good. I handle WordPress maintenance and support via FixUpFox, and speak, write, and consult about WordPress, business processes, and productivity.

On the internet, everyone knows that I’m a dog.

I love making and sharing things on the web

  • I build websites, lots of them sometimes!
  • I’ve been building websites with WordPress since 2008
  • I start way too many projects. Some I even finish!
  • I give presentations and go on podcasts, and am open to inquiries
  • I live near Orlando, FL, USA
  • I am queer, latine, and neurodivergent
  • I have three dogs and a cat and they are a pawful
  • You can find me on Mastodon (glitch-soc flavored)
A drawing of david wearing a blue shirt with a Bowie drawing on it, pink shorts, and a backpack and white shoes. They are wearing white glasses, have tattoos, and pink hair and are holding an iced coffee.

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