welcome back, I’ve b(r)ought some games

I took an unannounced but if we’re honest not unexpected break last week from newsletterland. It was a good week filled with loving time with my partners, a lot of friends for Thanksgiving, and a very little amount of stress thanks to them being the best people that I could have in my life.

It’s far enough past Monday that the sales have kind of subsided, which is good for my internet shopping scrolling tbh πŸ˜…

I ended up spending money mainly on digital bits and bytes and licenses to unlock them. We’re talking bizdev tools! We’re talking personal research libraries! We’re talking game downloads! Now we’ll just see how many I actually make use of, since that’s a problem that I frequently run into.

Scrolling social media, it’s easy to see that I’m not alone in feeling this way, especially about things like Steam games:

tweet from @SachiSaiki that reads, "With the steam autumn sale, does anyone have any recommendations for good games to fill your steam library and not play?"
tweet from @girlmagnetic_ that reads, "anyway yall what games do i buy from the steam sale so i can let them sit in my library and never play them"
tweet from @DerrieT that reads, "I have about 400 games in my steam library and I still buy more every time there’s a sale"

I have to imagine that there is some hard FOMO here in terms of worrying that before the next Steam sale I’m definitely going to want to play these games. I know that’s not true but hey, maybe I’ll get back to streaming like I plan, and then you can follow me to make sure that I actually play more than one game.


This webcomic made it okay to be sad online. Then its artist vanished. – Justin Ling, Input Mag

Maybe you want to disappear from the internet completely. Maybe you want to find out what happened to the webcomic, Pictures for Sad Children, and the artist behind it. Or maybe you just want to know what it’s like to exist as an artist for yourself, beyond the demands of the consumer.

The modern family – Emily VanDerWerff, Vox

My house is full of a bunch of queers. My friend group is my main family unit. I’m not going to pretend this is not preferable and the way of the future.

Hayao Miyazaki Prepares to Cast One Last Spell – Ligaya Mishan, NYT

Most important takeaway if you already knew that Miyazaki is cranky and angers easily and doesn’t know how to actually retire is that he’s basically got a fursona:

He is fond of pigs, and often sketches himself as one.

Amazon’s Dark Secret: It Has Failed to Protect Your Data – Will Evans, Wired

Color me surprised. Just like finding out that Better Health shares your mental health details with advertisers, Amazon is not very secure with your shopping details.

The Tamagotchi Was Tiny, but Its Impact Was Huge – Sebastian Skov Andersen, Wired

When I was younger I had a dinosaur themed Tamagotchi knock-off that I loved. Now part of me is debating if I want another digital pet to carry around and take care of…


Footage of Arecibo Observatory telescope collapse

It’s been a year since the famed observatory dish collapsed due to lack of funding leading to a neglect in repairs. We’ve learned something, right?

Return To The Demonic Sallie House

The final Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural. I’ve got feels since I’ve grown to love the series, and the making of documentary does not help my feels.

Edgar Wright Breaks Down Scenes from ‘Shaun of the Dead,’ ‘Last Night in Soho’ & More | Vanity Fair

I’ve seen all of his movies except for the new one and I love the level of detail that he puts into everything.

Dogs: husky vs border collie agility

I love both of these dogs equally.

Can We Find Real Community Online?

An interesting discussion series which I don’t think answers the question very well, but raises some good ones.


its been about me the whole time! – Queersplaining

I like this little look back on the history of The Doubleclicks, not realizing that one of the members wasn’t out when they started since it’s been so long.

Revolutionary History with Mike Duncan – Factually!

Just imagine traipsing around the world, getting involved in various revolutions

Episode 71 – LaserDisc (w/ Proxy) – Commune College

My uncle used to have laserdisc, and I always thought it was cool that they worked like optical records. Also love the comeback of old formats like this and minidisc.

If you made it this far, why not share this newsletter with a friend? Or share with me some of the things that you found that you liked this week. Either way, I’m thrilled!