About david & this site

david in a trans floral crown, with painted nails and a trans collar on and a shirt that reads "Protect Trans Kids."

An Abridged Description of david

Most of what I write about is internet or business related, since that’s what I focus on the most. I try to split my writing between tutorials on how to do things on the web, and some opinion pieces.


In addition to having formidable features, WordPress has a wonderful community. I have been lucky enough to work with incredible people in this community and to put on events of my own. I am lead organizer of the WordPress Orlando Meetup, as well as an organizer of WordCamp Orlando.

I speak at a lot of WordPress related events, including Meetups and WordCamps. I try to keep a current list of places that I’ve spoken or will speak at on my speaking page.

I have several plugins available for download at the WordPress plugin repository, as well as some additional tools on my GitHub profile.


I’m a web developer, with a focus on WordPress. I build custom themes, plugins, and site integration. My professional focus is ongoing website maintenance and support, which I offer through the service FixUpFox. If you want to keep your website secure, safe, and up to date, join my existing clients!

I have been managing my own business long enough to know that an important part of work is knowing when not to work.

If you want to get in touch about custom development work, please send your project information to FixUpFox. If you are contacting regarding a potential engagement or anything else, you can reach me here.

About This Site

This website, david.garden, is a personal blog. I write opinions, editorials, and tutorials on this site. I am the sole author on this site.


I try to collect as little information as possible on users while still getting a few vanity metrics and making the site interactive. The information gathered includes:

  • Your username, email, and optional website URL if you choose to leave a comment (plus the comment that you leave of course!)
  • Anonymized data collected by Akismet if you leave a comment to improve comment spam detection.
  • If you have a Gravatar associated with the email that you comment with, that will be used in conjunction with your comment.
  • Cloudflare is used as a secondary CDN on the site to improve performance. They collect basic visitor data for security and performance purposes.
  • I use NewsletterGlue for my newsletter service. I have that connected to MailerLite for email sending. If you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll be subject to their privacy policy as well.


I sometimes use affiliate links on this site when linking to products that are for sale. I usually note it directly following the link.

I am currently part of the SiteGround WP_ambassador() program. All content and opinions relating to SiteGround and other hosts on this site are my own.


Unless otherwise noted, the content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Any of the code on the site is released under the GPLv3 software license. This includes WordPress plugins and themes that are hosted on the wordpress.org repository