adding paint, removing clutter

I took a week off, because I ended up getting pretty busy in ways that kept me from being online so much. Which was probably a good thing?

I spent the past few days painting our office, as well as reorganizing, setting up a few new quality of life things, and generally making it brighter and better.

I’ve been in this space for a few years now, having moved out of a separate room that was cluttered with my belongings. I’ve always felt that it was comfy and showed off my personality, but I also felt that it could be a bit much. Hey, that’s me!

Anyway, that’s it, no deep thoughts today other than maybe look around your home work space and see what you can remove? That’s often a lot harder than finding new things to add.

For now, check out my shares from the past week. Enjoy my new, light purple office!


Etsy sellers will go on strike in April and want customers to boycott – Mia Sato, The Verge

I love to buy minis to paint on Etsy, as well as way too many stickers and pins. But I respect the creators on the platform enough to respect the boycott from 11-18 April to protest a hike in fees coming alongside record profits for the company.

Nobody wants more crappy videos on Instagram. Too bad. – Rebecca Jennings, Vox

Sounds about right: creators don’t want to make them, users don’t want to see them, and advertisers are getting scammed out of cash by Facebook to run against them.

Leaked: New Amazon Worker Chat App Would Ban Words Like “Union,” “Restrooms,” “Pay Raise,” and “Plantation” – Ken Klippenstein, The Intercept

Amazon workers at a warehouse on Staten Island may have won a historic first with their unionization efforts, but the company is clearly hoping to stall efforts elsewhere.

tweet from @shitshowdotinfo that reads, "back before internet porn it was just called jaculating"


Bo Burnham: INSIDE | Trailer

Anything to let me keep talking about Inside. This trailer would make me watch it if I hadn’t already

Why Magical Realism is a Global Phenomenon | It’s Lit

I want more Magical Realism. Not just in books, but in popular film and tv.

Head Transplants and the Non-Existence of the Soul

I don’t think that we’re ready to answer the question of what happens if you can fully duplicate a person as they are, mind fully intact in both the original and the copy.

First 3 Days of Reddit r/place Timelapse

Watching different factions fight for land on the canvas over time is fascinating when you realize that it’s coordinated groups of individual users changing one pixel at a time.

tweet from @VeryBadLlama that reads, "if Thanos' snap killed 50% of all life, that means that the survivors would have lost 50% of their gut biomes in an instant and spent the next few months power-blasting their bathrooms with diarrhea, in this essay I will-"


Journey: I Was Born For This (Traveler Symphony)

The Journey score is one of the albums that has most affected me, as has the game itself. For the ten year anniversary it was reimagined a bit and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

I especially love that the lyrics are subtitled in their original language, an English translation, and the source. It makes me appreciate it even more than before!


Always love a new GOJII! Grab it on Bandcamp with the rest of their discography as a set!

toad sings chandelier

(volume alert). When they get to the first chorus, I die.

lofi hilda chill beats for your studys and hilda

I like Hilda, I like lofi, what’s not to like?

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