addressing burnout and rest

Now that my laptop and desktop are both repaired (for now!) I decided that I could do a bit of decorating in the style of mashing a ton of stickers close together that all have some meaning to me.

One of the stickers says, “Rest is Productive”. I’ve been thinking a lot about burnout this week (check out the first article share), and why it is so easy to treat any downtime as another place where we should fit in more tasks, more opportunities, more areas of improvement.

I’ve been doing a lot more rest lately. Some of it by my own choice, some of it with a feeling of being forced into it. It hasn’t always felt restful, but it has been better than what used to feel like a frantic pace that led to burnout in the first place.

How have you been handling burnout? I want to know what you do for rest, what’s worked for you, or what you wish that you could do. If I get a few responses and you indicate that you’re fine with sharing them, I’ll try compiling something together for next week.

Or if you have cool stickers to share, I want to see those too!

The back of a laptop with a sparkly plastic cover which is covered with a variety of stickers. The stickers are a mix of furry, pride, computer, and general nerdy stickers.
I can’t wait to use this for presentations at conferences in person


Trans Care – Hil Malatino

In situations of ever-tightening austerity, dispossession, and deprivation, we cultivate methods of collective survival that aren’t just guided by an imaginary of abundance but bring such abundance to bear in the present.

…It is not just a problem of long hours, emotionally extractive labor, underpayment, and underappreciation—though it is, of course, most of those things. It is experiencing all of this in the absence of wages and having to engage in this kind of unwaged labor to build an ever-so-slightly habitable world for trans folks.

Trans Care – Hil Malatino

This is a short book, available for free online. It’s a bit more academic than I prefer for a shareable piece, but there are a lot of great ideas in here.

I want to highlight chapter two specifically, which concerns burnout. We’ve all been feeling it to some extent, and recognizing it is the first step to acting on it.

Should You Play Hogwarts Legacy If You Care About Your Trans Friends? – Stacey Henley, The Gamer

As Betteridge’s law of headlines states: “Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.” Please spare me all of the reasons why it’s actually fine and good.

Are you laughing at me?🫢🤭 – Jennifer Daniel

Every Jennifer Daniel newsletter is worth sharing. One of the 37 new emoji that your devices are getting this week is an update that puts Apple’s giggle emoji in line with other platforms by adding a shocked face emoji.

The End of Infinite Data Storage Can Set You Free – Drew Austin, Wired

When I moved away from Gmail I deleted over 99% of my messages after filtering and reviewing them. We really will never need the majority of things that we archive and record ever again.


Inside a Cult – Gender Critical (Part Two – Conversion Therapy)

I wasn’t really surprised with the info about child abuse and avoiding CPS and affirming therapists/doctors in communities advocating for conversion therapy. I was somehow surprised by the use of autism as a weapon against non-cishet children.

Why Global Vaccination Efforts are Stalling

spoiler: pharmaceutical companies making billions off of public funded R&D, production, and distribution while not being forced to properly supply the world with vaccines.

The Toxic World of Self Help: Hustle Culture, Toxic Positivity, Addiction, and Fake Gurus.

I have been in the world of self-help addiction where I focus more on how to improve than actually improving. I think the closest that I got to any idolizing in that world was Tim Ferriss, and even then I felt that our experiences were so radically different that I couldn’t assume that he’d be a guide for my life.

William Blake’s printing process

Why yes, I do want to see someone produce printed pages on old, heavy machines with engravings and leather daubers.


Not for Resale: A Video Game Store Documentary Ost

Neil Cicierega is an internet renaissance creator. I didn’t even know that this documentary existed, but the soundtrack makes me want to seek it out.

Sam Ryder – SPACE MAN (Official Lyric Video) [Eurovision 2022 – United Kingdom 🇬🇧 official song]

I don’t follow Eurovision, but I love the music video featuring the design of an old Teletext.

🌱 Chillhop Essentials · Spring 2022 [lofi hiphop / chill relaxing beats]

The vibe of moving to a new city

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