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A few minor announcements. I’m giving a presentation for Learn WordPress on Wednesday evening about WordPress and the IndieWeb. It’ll be recorded for later, but if you want to sign up to see it live, the link is here:

I haven’t posted a review of the advance copy of 50 Years of Text Adventures that I got, though in previous issues in 2021 I posted some of my favorite chapters as they were posted online. There’s a portal that the author put up that I want to share though, which gives updated locations on where you can play each of the games featured in the book online, without requiring original hardware.

This week we’ll be taking a short trip, which I’m looking forward to as a break from the sameness that has engulfed my life. I’m sure that I’ll have enough links to share next week too, but I don’t know about a personal essay.

I was thinking of writing about the enshittification of the internet with even more stupidity coming out of Twitter and Reddit, let alone the always stupid Facebook and Instagram.

Instead, I’m going to leave you with this video essay that covers a lot of what I’d want to talk about, saving me the job of writing ๐Ÿ˜… The End of the Internet is Here.


How Indigenous Groups Are Leading the Way on Data Privacy – Rina Diane Caballar, Scientific American

Oh, if only all of us had tighter control over the privacy and access permissions of our data…

Have You Been to the Library Lately? – Dorothy Leung, The Walrus

Our library system offers so many resources now that are not just lending books. But being the center of services for a lot of marginalized people means taking on the attendant responsibilities, without

The Identity Theory of Autism: How Autistic Identity Is Experienced Differently – Terra Vance, NeuroClastic

An essay about identity, the internet, and autism? I’m there, and this feels like it rings true to me.


Resilience | Animated Short | CalArts Film 2023

Nature has no problem existing without us.

Why Tape Storage is Making a Sneaky Comeback

I just assumed that older storage tech was worse, but it makes sense that in specific use cases they have pros to outweigh their cons.

My Thoughts on Bluey

odd1sout, you don’t need to be sneaky and coy about saying that you like furry things and saying that you like a cartoon made for kids. It’s ok, we are allowed to like what we like, and Bluey is a good thing to like!


Time Stand Still | Dan Avidan & Super Guitar Bros. (ft. Sally Minnear)

New Dan and Super Guitar Bros. cover!

Real Life Beef: Bridget vs Essence Magazine – Listeners demand the truth about that weird ‘Vila Davis’ postazine – There Are No Girls on the Internet

I’m glad that Bridget feels similarly to me when someone has a problem with something that you have done: they shouldn’t just toss out big accusations, then ignore followup or say that people are demanding labor of them to give any modicum of backup or receipts to the claims that they make.

Mindblowing Language Facts with Valerie Fridland – Factually! – 214

I love linguistics, and I love people who take the position that language changes and evolves via human usage.

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