Aquatifur was Aquatifun! 🌊

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As with the new norm, making my newsletter links as part of my vlog!

Last weekend I went to Aquatifur in Wisconsin and I had an amazing time. It was really great and I definitely want to go again. But hopefully bring some of my partners with me next time!

I’ve kinda been sick all week though, including today, hence the late posting. So I think I’m just gonna leave it here and update yall on projects next week. Have a good weekend!


‘Cringe’ Halloween Costumes and the Paradox of the Internet – Grace Stanley, passionfruit

Why waste so much time judging other people online?

The lurker: an obsessive tormentor who made professors’ lives miserable – Erika Hayasaki, The Verge

A reminder that sometimes people will latch onto you and try to destroy your life as a game, without any reason. And the internet just makes this so much easier.

Youths Say No To Sex & Romance In Plotlines Of TV Shows & Movies, Yes To Content Focused On Friendships, UCLA Study FindsCopy – Denise Petski, Deadline

Just youth? I want more close friendship stories. And more poly relationship stories!

Japan court rules it is ‘unconstitutional’ to require transgender sterilization in landmark case – Jessie Yeung, CNN

I mean… it’s a start I guess

The Techno-Optimist Manifesto – Marc Andreessen

This is a hate read. Read it not for things to agree on, but to see how the billionaires who think that they are better and smarter than everyone else think about the world.


We Went to the Most Unequal Place in America

I love Puerto Rico. I hate what all of the colonizing countries who have owned it have done to the island.

Embracing Queer Asian Joy at a Dim Sum Drag Brunch

I love finding your identity and finding spaces to safely express yourself

The Gay Horror Manga You Should Be Reading

Gay horror that is still based on love and not the horrors of homophobia? More please

How we made Homebody

I love folks making art about their own mental health issues, as opposed to people on the outside using it as a punchline or source of extrinsic horror

my typical distance | animation student film

Cute and short animation about music and animal people


Scary movies on wikipedia (Halloween Spooktacular)

I also read movie plots on wikipedia as opposed to watching them sorry 🤣

The Humans in the Machine – IRL: Online Life is Real Life

Let AI workers (and all industries) unionize!

The Fortune Teller’s Fraud – Scamfluencers

What a wild ride. Taking advantage of the trust and grief of others is disgusting, and I’m glad that this story has a happier ending.

WOOL OVER OUR EYES | Cult of the Lamb Song!

Old song but new to me. Very detailed lyrics, phew

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