breaking little things with big meaning

Yesterday I suffered a minor tragedy. My beloved hot beverage mug, gifted to me by one of my best friends, perched precariously close to the edge of my kitchen counter, fell a fateful fall.

I knew that this day was coming. I’m far too clumsy and use it far too often to avoid it indefinitely. Several years ago I went on Society6 to buy a backup mug, but found that it had already been removed, so I knew that it was likely gone as an option.

We’ve been watching season one of Locke and Key, as the second season just dropped. Minor season one spoiler: there is a cabinet with a key that mends anything that is put inside. One of the characters breaks a mug given to her by her late husband, and the pain in that moment is a representation of her grief and confusion. The mug is accidentally restored however, as are memories of that pain.

It seems a bit silly and superficial to mourn a mug, but sometimes things are more than just things. Sometimes the meaning that we imbue them with is more important than the thing itself. This isn’t the pain of losing a loved one, nor do I have access to a magical cabinet that I am aware of. But I do have a lot of fond memories associated, mainly due to the human connection.

I decided for now that I’m gluing the mug back together and using it as a plant holder. This mug deserves a second life, even though the memories and friendship will endure much longer than a careless slip-up.

a mug with a fox dressed as Link from Legend of Zelda on it, surrounded by animal masks. Parts of the mug are chipped and glued back together. The mug has a progress pride flag in it and a flowering plant.

btw, if you like the design and want it as a print, you can still pick that up on Gallery Nucleus. The artist is Teagan White and the design is called “Mammal’s Mask

A tweet from @liljonlovitz that reads "FRIEND: what are you going to be for halloween?
ME: a little bit scared but i know it's all pretend"


One Atom of Justice, One Molecule of Mercy, and the Empire of Unsheathed Knives – Alexandra Rowland

I was only recently introduced to the sci-fi subgenre of hopepunk, and I’m excited to consume as much as I can find. This is the type of story that I need more of in my life.

It’s Quitting Season – Lindsay Crouse and Kirby Ferguson, NYT

I’ve been looking for what I’m going to move on to by quitting for years. It’s really not a bad thing to think about.

2010: Digital: A Love Story – Aaron A. Reed, 50 Years of Text Games

I’m a bit too young for the heyday of BBS, but general web forums are where I started my internet journey. I’m going to give this game a playthrough soon.

Facebook Announces Its Fake Ad Numbers Are Going to Get Even Faker Shoshana Wodinsky, Gizmodo

Yet somehow this is still where all of the ad money goes

tweet from @crulge that reads, "I have friends who like poetry, even friends who are poets, and I wish I could share with them the ecstasy of finding this Super Metroid FAQ in which the author, for some inscrutable reason, completely justified the monospaced text using nothing more than precise word choice". The tweet has screenshots of text that explains this, and an FAQ that is perfectly justified.


Courage the Cowardly Dog: An Intro to Horror | Video Essay

I loved Courage as a child. And as an adult. Just now I watch and get kind of sad because I realize how much of Courage’s life is surviving trauma.

I hacked and rickrolled my entire high school district

Very lucky that they are in a place where they are not treated like criminals for finding web security bugs, unlike say the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Cat vs Dog

Are you a cat person or a dog person? I’m a dog, person.

Sci-Fi Fantasy Short Film: “The Mailbox” | DUST

One of those time travel shorts that focuses more on the weird journey than on the paradoxes.

A Brief History And Future of Screwing Over Haiti – SOME MORE NEWS

If you can believe it, we haven’t always (ever) been good friends to any of our neighbors in the Caribbean.



My friend Allie just dropped the first season of her female created and oriented horror story podcast. I’m excited to binge them all on spoopy week!

Noga Erez – YOU SO DONE (Official Video)

The song is great, and the video adds an extra element of discomfort. Watching a robot fling someone around like a rag doll is unsettling and really works for this song.

Gary Paulsen’s Memoir Taps Into The Childhood Experiences That Inspired His Stories

I’d missed that Gary Paulsen died two weeks ago. I read many of his survival stories as a kid and this short interview about his early life and being saved by a librarian was touching.

more than a dream

new bill wurtz drop

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