burnout can feel a lot like the same old thing

A note: I will not be doing a newsletter next week. I’m going to be online plenty I’m sure, but I’m also spending the week with loved ones. I’m going to be celebrating a birthday, seeing someone who I don’t get to see that often, and generally trying to relax. I encourage you to do the same if possible!

I have been consuming a lot of Anne Helen Petersen’s writing on Millenial Burnout, from her recent book to her newsletter, Culture Study.

This weekend her newsletter was about Revenge Bedtime Procrastination, a topic that I was admittedly unfamiliar with, but makes perfect sense. You spend all day working and doing chores and errands that sometimes there is so little time left for yourself.

As a self-employed person who manages a house with multiple partners and housemates, does side projects, and tries to keep my schedule both organized and fairly clean, it is hard to separate out what time is for me, and what time is for the furtherance of me.

I try to keep a regular sleep schedule, and am generally good at this. I often think, “I can’t sleep, I have a lot to do”, but I listen to my body and let it rest for the next day. It definitely feels like it helps when it comes to things like coding work.

I’m spending the day cleaning, running errands, and working on some outstanding tasks. It feels like one of those jumble days, where things are about to happen but aren’t quite ready yet.

Have you been dealing with burnout lately? Do you revenge procrastinate at bed time? I’d love to talk about it, as well as any coping strategies that you’ve tried.

tweet from @AFPphoto that reads "#Hungary Statue of bitcoin founder known as Satoshi Nakamoto is unveiled
I’ve determined that I hate this and it is obscene.


‘I’d rather be alone’: the influencers pushing for ‘relationship minimalism’ – Sarah Logan, The Guardian

Look, fair, is all I’ll say. I try to avoid forming parasocial relationships, but I can say from firsthand experience that the struggle is real.

How Out Run changed video games forever – Jacopo Prisco, Wired UK

A game created by a person who doesn’t play games. I wonder how much that has to add to the enduring legacy of this 35 year old arcade game in terms of aesthetic, design, and music.

‘Worst I’ve seen in 20 years’: How the Epik hack reveals every secret the far-right tried to hide – Mikael Thalen, daily dot

This is going to be an interesting trove of data to dig through for researchers and journalists who want to connect far-right sites to people who don’t know how to protect their billing info. Oh, and if you have a domain registered without WHOIS protection don’t worry, you probably had your info leaked too.

The Unbelievable Grimness of HermanCainAward, the Subreddit That Catalogs Anti-Vaxxer COVID Deaths – Lili Loofbourow, Slate

There is a real allure to be found in mocking certain individuals who die of COVID-19 after ignoring all attempts to lessen the spread. I’m not going to tell you how you should feel, but I just wish that the winners of these awards were quarantined from others.

Starbucks asks labor board to expand vote on union effort to all workers in Buffalo, New York – Kate Rogers, CNBC

Good idea, water down the vote from stores pushing to unionize to ALL area stores. Certainly not union-busting tactics, nope. But hey, they got the president and former CEO of the company to come sweep their clean floors for PR.

In Quest of Search On why I think adding a new HTML sectioning element for search is a good idea. – Sara Soueidan

The author is right: the existence of an ARIA search role indicates that there is something missing in semantic HTML that needs to be formalized.

tweet from @pigeonize that reads, "What the FUCK. And I mean what the FUCK is going in on at Fenway Park". The tweet includes two pictures. the first shows a player for one team crouching and looking up at a player from another team. The first is making a duck lips face. The second picture shows the standing player rubbing the helmet of the crouching player, who is smiling and looking up, like a dog.
Look, I know how to live that good pup life


Sci-Fi Fantasy Short Film: “Robu” Starring Emmy Winner Jharrel Jerome | DUST

I was getting close to giving up on this channel tbh, but then they put another good film up. Rob is a black twentysomething from LA who travels to Tokyo looking for part two of a manga that his father left for him. The shop shots alone are enough of a visual feast.

Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

spoiler: no. But it’s still good to talk about the systemic issues that make it a challenging problem to solve, and push back on the neoliberal idea of self-determination on a global problem.

Action 52 – A Bit of History & A Bit of ROM Archaeology

I used to own this game! For the pure nerdiness of such a weird relic of the NES era. As someone who does some coding now I appreciate the dive into the code of what makes this cartridge tick.

After a City is Buried

I’ve not played this game mod but I kind of want to now just to experience a story diving into history.

science diagrams that look like shitposts but i put ace attorney music over them

A SMELLY, ugly little monster? Certainly not.”


Lo-fi for Werewolves (Only) 🐺

It’s ok, I’ll let yall listen to this chill mix to study to as well 🐺🐾

What Is The Future Of Gender? – Flash Forward

I think that my ideal future of gender doesn’t bother with asking people about theirs, and not having it be an unnecessary requirement on official documents.

The Algorithmic Feedback Loop Of The Gabby Petito Disappearance – The Content Mines

This was covered on a few shows that I listen to, including There Are No Girls on the Internet. It’s not just the algorithm at fault here, but our thirst for voyeuristic content where we can play detective from the comfort of our cell phones.

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