bye bye 2021, hello 2022

Surprise! I was going to end 2021 with one final newsletter, but instead got wrapped up in various things that I needed to attend to first. This included a sick dog, a sick me, and a sick computer, in order of importance.

I don’t feel that I’ve created enough in 2021 to merit a real look back. I’ve written a lot of newsletters, and I enjoy putting them together and intend on expanding that this year with a new one. I haven’t blogged beyond that though, with my last post being from the very start of shutdowns and quarantines in the pandemic.

I’m doing the resolution thing of sorts, but trying to make defined goals that I can measure for this year. This includes a challenge that I’m finding myself excited by to spur on some growth and learning. I intend on working on a new creative coding project every month in 2022, and releasing whatever I end up producing, even incomplete, by the end of that month.

January is going to be a little bit of a cheat (already? Sounds like a great start πŸ˜…) since I intend on creating something already a bit in my wheelhouse and partly for work. I’ve not kept up with WordPress theme development, which is undergoing the most dramatic changes it’s had in the 18 year history of WordPress. I want to make my own Full Site Editing theme that I hope will be flexible enough to serve as a base for my personal site, business site, and a home for my next newsletter launch.

While I start on that, here’s a light newsletter of shares to start the year. What projects do you have planned for 2022? Share if you are so inclined so we can keep up on them together!

Mastodon toot from that reads, "Furry is when you’re your own therapy animal"


Wealth shown to scale

A long long scroll, but that’s the point. Millionaires and billionaires are in entirely different worlds, and we need to treat and speak about both separately if we want to rein in the power of unchecked capital.

Essay: Digital Nostalgia

A followup to Kyle Chayka’s New Yorker article on Nostalgia. I think that we’re going to be feeling more of this more acutely as most of the world moves memory formation to digital devices that aren’t the best at memory archive.

The Courage of bell hooks – Shamira Ibrahim, Vulture

Few writers better demonstrate and define intersectionality than bell hooks. It is thanks to reflecting on her, and years prior danah boyd, that I took a small identity step of lowercasing my name earlier this year.

The Internet & Capitalism: How the Internet Became Profitable – Sadness, YesterWeb Zine

Building on the digital nostalgia theme, the YesterWeb Zine has different Geocities-era design for each article, and it’s worth a browse.

Mastodon toot from that reads, "Social media is great you can get in an argument with a terf and then talk about how you want to make out with link"


‘Dear Alice’ Decommodified Edition | Solarpunk anime ambience with no ads

Taking an ad and stripping the ad portion to show a desirable future truly is solarpunk.

What The Internet Did To Garfield

I didn’t expect to watch an hour+ analysis of Garfield, but here we are.

Gummy cooks ramen but I fixed the timing

I remembered this Discord exchange and found a good video showing someone’s inability to make instant ramen.

If you made it this far, why not share this newsletter with a friend? Or share with me some of the things that you found that you liked this week. Either way, I’m thrilled!