Can you teach a rat to drive a car?

Amazon’s Hell-th band, website sameness, and other marvels of science

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Some weeks just end up being more quiet, and this is one of them. I’ve considered making this a bi-weekly newsletter, or at least finding a new direction.

The end of the year brings about thoughts of change, and that’s no different here. I have some ideas that I want to try for next year. In the meantime, here’s something short until next week.

screenshot of a tweet from @ThePigpenComic that is a thread about

As a poly wolf of sorts, I can find a lot of useful info to share in this informative illustrated Twitter thread


Amazon’s new health band is the most invasive tech we’ve ever tested – Geoffrey A. Fowler and Heather Kelly, The Washington Post

They take the time to remind you that Jeff Bezos owns their newspaper. Then they still demolish this wristband of pain. Honestly it boggles my mind that they thought, “yup, people want this!” But then, you know: people will buy it.

Science confirms it: Websites really do all look the same – Sam Goree, Fast Company

I miss the weird old web, but I also like being able to read and navigate easily.

Mods! Mods!
Some thoughts about moderators and the decline & fall of platforms – Hussein Kesvani

I got recommended this newsletter from Garbage Day. Considering that I moderate multiple communities, it was nice reading some validation like this.

Rats love driving tiny cars, even when they don’t get treats – Jonathan M. Gitlin, arsTechnica

Someone who will pay me to teach rats to drive tiny cars that I built for them would be great, thanks.

a tweet that has a caption of a news title that says

I can think of more immediately useful suggestions, but this is far from the worst idea that I’ve heard thrown about.


Why Courage Haunts Your Dreams – Wisecrack

Courage the Cowardly Dog was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. Watching this analysis of some of the themes of the show validates that it was just as great as I remember.

A Recipe for Seduction | Premieres December 13th | Presented by Kentucky Fried Chicken | Lifetime

If you haven’t seen this yet, spare a minute to remember that it’s a hell year and we all need a little joy right now.

The Speedrun Where Link Stares at Rupees for 17 Hours – Lowest Percent

Some speedruns are focused on completing a game as quickly as possible. Some are focused on 100%ing the game. Others are focused on more difficult tasks, like collecting as few items as possible in the game. I guess it’s still not the worst way to spend your downtime this year.

That’s it, a sampling of content for the weekend. Please raise your chairs and tray tables as we begin our descent out of 2020.

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