don’t worry, just some links to share this week

This has been a fairly quiet week, and that’s not a bad thing! I don’t have any long thoughts to share with yall, just some links. Head empty; brain smooth.

tweet by @TheStalwart that reads
"This claim that crypto has largely boosted the wealth of existing elites.

It's only true in reality. In theory it could be different."


Apple’s weather app won’t say it’s 69 degrees – Chaim Gartenberg, The Verge

Sure, there’s the explanation that it is rounding from Celsius. But I prefer to think that there’s just someone who thinks that Apple is still not allowed to be horny.

Uber and Lyft Can’t Find Drivers Because Gig Work Sucks – Edward Ongweso Jr, Vice

I used to think, “if work becomes bad enough, people will just refuse to do it”. Then I thought, “it’ll never get to enough people to actually affect change.”

I still wonder if we’re going to hit a tipping point to bring down the gig companies that harm everyone around them, or at the very least cause them through real market forces to treat employees better. And call them employees. Doubtful.

The story behind the iconic Vietnam episode of ‘Hey Arnold!’ – Kimmy Yam, NBC

I remember loving this episode along with the rest of Hey Arnold! as a kid. Time to fire up Paramount+!

How Should We Do Drugs Now? – Michael Pollan, NYT

I would love decriminalization move to the point that not only are we not jailing people unnecessarily, but are handling the societal problems that lead to addiction and treating it when it happens.

tweet from @slimefiend that reads "i can't believe this tweet is real lmfao" and is a quote tweet of @Twitter that reads "we're removing Fleets on August 3, working on some new stuff

we're sorry or you're welcome"


Social Constructs | Philosophy Tube

I have spent a good portion of my life railing against social constructs, since by definition they are harmful to marginalized groups.

The Incredible Logistics of the Tokyo Olympics

My favorite part: that cities aren’t fighting each other to get the Olympics anymore.

Endorphin Port

I don’t know what this is but I want to know more? It’s not a website!


Our Impending NSFW Content Apocalypse – The Content Mines

I believe that Ryan is right: we’re going to have a bad time with something going viral that is NSFW in a very unsexy way and soon.

Cancel Culture – You’re Wrong About

This was a great conversation on a podcast that I tried thanks to Ryan Broderick’s (see above) suggestion. Being able to discuss the topic without using the words demonstrates that the words have kinda lost all meaning.

How To Improve Your Digital Life with BJ Fogg – Digital Citizen

New podcast from my email provider, Fastmail. I already do most of what Fogg suggests, but it’s a good reminder that we can always find ways to make our online lives better.

Season 3 Trailer! – Voyage to the Stars

Finally! I need to know more about how the crew will find the Something to defeat the Nothing

Billie Eilish – NDA (Official Music Video)

Love the new song and video, looking forward to the album

A tweet from @means_tv that says "remember, kids", and includes a graphic showing a dog in a trench coat like Scruff McGruff that reads "Never talk to the cops."

Short one this week, but hopefully you find an interesting link. Enjoy!