everything happens so much

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I’ve been thinking about @Horse_ebooks this week a fair amount. Not because I was particularly a fan of the Markov generated content in that space before Large Language Models took over our lives. Not because Twitter still holds any relevance to anyone who matters

No, because there’s an old post from that account that constantly resonates with me, and certainly does this week

a screenshot of the twitter account @Horse_ebooks and the text, "Everything happens so much"

“Everything happens so much”

Yeah, after how the past few weeks have gone, it really does feel that way. I’m trying to manage, but it’s admittedly been challenging personally to feel like anything that I’m doing is of value to anyone at all, let alone myself.

I’ve decided that I’d still edit my vlog and newsletter and put them out today to keep consistency, even if I’m depressed about the internet. This week I’m trying out doing my newsletter contents as part of my vlog. Let me know if you like it!


Alienated Nerds – OK Fox, Charlie Markbreiter, The New Inquiry

The same things that get you into fandoms online can send you down darker paths.

Why the Internet Isn’t Fun Anymore – Kyle Chayka, New Yorker

It’s corporations and social media. Obviously.

something is wrong on the Internet – Shade

Looks like the start of an astroturfing campaign against furries to me.

How to fix the internet – Katie Notopoulos, Technology Review

Fix the corporations and social media! Obviously!

The Web Is For User Agency – Robin Berjon

While this isn’t about Chrome, it isn’t not about Chrome.

Nintendo Reveals Bowser Likes ‘Em Thicc – Zack Zwiezen, Kotaku

I like Bowser thicc too, so we have that in common! 🐲πŸ”₯🐘

Amazon Let Its Drivers’ Urine Be Sold as an Energy Drink – Amit Katwala, Wired

This sounds like it’d be an Onion headline, yet also real. Like an Onion headline.


Small Talk is Good, Actually

I love Dr. Devon Price’s latest book about Autism and masking. They have good points to make about how small talk can help, and how we can improve at it.

Here’s What Ethical AI Really Means

Who is AI built by and for? That’s how to determine its ethics.

How Two People Created Gaming’s Most Complex Simulation System

An interesting dive into the creators of Dwarf Fortress, and their love of the game over money.

I Investigated Abandoned Animatronics..

I know that I’ve told this story before, but I learned that the guy who made all of these pizza place animatronics has his warehouse in Orlando after he caused an explosion in the building next to the one that I was working in πŸ˜…

The Worm | Animated Horror Story

spooky and well made πŸŽƒ

The Incel to Trans Pipeline and Inside Mari

At what point does joking about wanting to be trans stop becoming a joke? Before or after you start HRT?

How Furry Conventions DIE πŸ’€

I was interested in attending this con, but I was worried about the number of things that came up before it even happened, and now I doubt it’ll ever come to pass. Which seems like a shame to me.


Beautiful Mind – Tom Cardy & Brian David Gilbert

Finally a collab between these two!

AI is built by people. We need to listen to their stories – There Are No Girls on the Internet

again, knowing who builds AI, how, and who they build it for are how you figure out how good it is.

Believing Underrepresented People – Underrepresented in Tech

Feels very timely after recent personal events. I absolutely believe that you should listen to marginalized people when they bring up problems.

Santa Monica Boulevard – Trey Magnifique

Not quite a collab, but almost Ninja Sex Party and Tom Cardy!

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