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This is the only two email day, I hope!

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While writing the newsletter earlier I had some sort of error. Turns out it was that it just copied text from last week and used that instead of this week’s content. That’s what I get for duplicating emails! Thankfully I saved the info below.

I went from having barely any work this week to having a load of stuff come up this morning. Then our power went out for a long while. It’s been quite a week. How’re you holding up?

As always, here’s a few of the things that I’ve read and watched this week that I’d recommend going into the weekend. They are… probably a little darker than usual.


What Mutual Aid Can Do During a Pandemic – Jia Tolentino, The New Yorker

“We can be so moved by the way people come together to overcome hardship that we lose sight of the fact that many of these hardships should not exist at all.”

#1267: “How do I set goals if I don’t want anything?” – Captain Awkward

“When the mass graves are dug will we finally find a daily planner or productivity app we like?”


Have you been making time for video games while self-isolating? We’ve been playing Animal Crossing like darn near everyone it seems. Enjoy the musicians behind the Animal Crossing theme performing it together virtually. SNL at Home got in on the fun with how I feel a lot of the islanders would probably treat me in real life. Also, the new Paper Mario trailer looks creepy af and probably plenty of fun.

We watched the first season of Westworld. I’m not sure if I’m going to do the next two, but in all likelihood I will eventually. This short sci-fi film called ‘The Automaton’ reminds me of an opposite Westworld: people in the Old West making androids.

Alton Brown is pretty much the only celebrity chef that I care about. I’ve done a few of his Pantry Raid recipes that he’s put out during quarantine. I’ve gotta say that his method of making Rice Krispy Treats is the best so far. Toasting the cereal, browning the butter, and forming it in the original packaging were all excellent ideas

Finally, this is an old video from a wonderful series called People Watching, but I saw it again this week and wanted to share. I think it’s plenty relevant with where we’re at right now. Hope In Every Box – People Watching Season 2, Episode 10. The rest of the series is on YouTube as well, and there are

That’s it for this week. Everyone stay safe and healthy out there ๐Ÿ’

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