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social media continues to be a mistake that we’re all living in

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Having a good week yall? I have been trying to keep busy as usual, chasing them idle hands demons away.

I’ve been playing Breath of the Wild again, this time on a Twitch stream! I’m not great at actually keeping a schedule, but it’s usually weekday mornings if you want to drop by and chat sometime.

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It’s been quite a week in social media world. Twitter is making more moves into subscriptions following the acquisition of Revue and announcing their forthcoming “Super Follows”, which will either end up very good or very bad.

Gab was hacked with pretty much all data siphoned out. The CEO of the site confirmed the hack, calling the perpetrators “demon hackers” and a slur, making it clear what the site is all about. Speaking of people who sling slurs and hateful ideas, the new Harry Potter game will totally be good now because it will (probably, but not confirmed) support the ability to create your own characters that are trans, simply because looking female with a male voice is trans, right? Still only wizard or witch options though πŸ˜‚

Facebook and Google have found different ways of handling a new Australian law around paying for news publication, but in the end both have paid the piper. It seems that you can stare into the abyss and both of you blink.

The workers at Glitch successfully unionized. This is probably because they didn’t seem to have to fight their bosses to do this. Contrast that with Amazon, who has been pumping out propaganda to fight unionization efforts in their Birmingham, Alabama warehouse. This includes anti-union ads on Twitch (which Amazon owns), which were later pulled. It’s been confirmed that the company got the city to change traffic light timing outside of the warehouses as well, which seems to conveniently correspond to the period of time where organizers were canvassing workers as they left.

How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70% – t0st

Rockstar, hire this guy. Or at least pay him for this fix.

Decolonizing Electronic Music Starts With Its Software – Tom Faber, Pitchfork

One of those places where I straight up missed a

The Most Ill-Timed Website in History – Jay Hoffmann, The History of the Web

I’ve never heard of and I’m glad that I’ve got Jay to connect the dots between sites like Suck and Slashdot with the ones that just slipped past my radar.

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Teaching Jake about the Camcorder, Jan ’97

Brian david Gilbert is making videos about more than just video games, and I am here for it. This is unsettling from the start and just keeps going.

Food Theory: Taco Bell Is Killing Amazon!

This is a really interesting idea examined in the video. It could save a lot of money and potentially save a lot hassle with transportation. Yet somehow I see this being a problem in different ways too.

Billionaires: What Went Wrong?

Big surprise, billionaires do not have your best interests at heart. Don’t rely on their kindness and charity when you can tax them like you used to and make decisions for yourself.

Crafting A Tiny Open World: A Short Hike Postmortem

Parts of me want to try making a game, and it’s talks like this, making it look like fun problem solving for something that players will really enjoy that makes me most interested.

Sci-Fi Short Film: “CARONTE” | DUST

I enjoy things that can juxtapose something small and personal with something on a galactic scale

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Let’s joke all we want, but funding a documentary about a meme by selling an NFT for art related to that meme is pretty cool.


Today is BandCamp Friday! If you support an artist on BandCamp today, fees are waived and they get 100% of the profit. Go search the site for one of your favorite artists or find something new and interesting with their communal discovery boards.

♥ GOJII ♥ – BLEED (single)

Head over to BandCamp and buy the single digitally and on vinyl. I love this mouse and their music!

Episode 56: Honeycrisps & Club Apples w/ Hyperlink – Commune College

I love the rabbit holes they fall into from an offhanded comment on this show. I always learn something and it’s always entertaining.

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Share the stuff that you liked this week! See yall next week and stay safe! πŸ’

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