Grustle Culture is kinda scummy, right?

Over the past week I’ve been stressing myself about diversifying my income sources, and in finding new clients. I haven’t been focused on growing my business in a while, and unfortunately I’ve put it off too much.

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Part of my method of hyping myself up to do things is using my most engaging personal time waster, YouTube. I watch videos about most things that interest me these days, having some constant audio-visual distraction rolling on a screen in the background somewhere.

When it comes to diversifying income and finding new sources of revenue online though, this is not a great idea. If you can believe it, side hustle youtubers are not the most reliable.

I’ve found that the videos that I find most readily are people who just offer up the most basic of platitudes dozens of ways, tell you to use AI image generators to make hundreds of shirt designs that you send to print-on-demand sites and guarantee tens of thousands of dollars in monthly passive revenue, or just straight up give mainly unusable advice. Oh, and of course there are plenty of account statement porn videos that just seem to be about bragging that they got lucky monetizing your dog.

Of course, they didn’t get lucky, did they? No, they had a system and any doubt that you have is just proof that you aren’t deserving of earning this kind of money, because you just don’t know how to grind and hustle. Never mind how exploitative most of their ideas end up being, how unsustainable many of these “business models” are, or again, how much of their success relies heavily on luck.

I’m still working out what my next things will be, but it turns out that the ideas that I’ve been thinking on for the past few years are still the most interesting and viable sounding ideas for me to continue to advance in this capitalist society. Doing something flash-in-the-pan may work for some, but I don’t think that I could do that and brag about it on the internet at the same time.


VR Helped Me Visualize Gender Dysphoria – Eric Ravenscraft, Wired

If only the people who could actually use this type of experience were the ones that I think would actually try it

Furries Now Have Serious Beef With Ron DeSantis – EJ Dickson, Rolling Stone

I mean, they should already, but there are too many right-leaning furries as-is. This will be spun into a positive by those fucking idiots too. Sorry, being harsh to assholes oops 🤣

The Optimization Sinkhole – Anne Helen Petersen

Stop describing my life perfectly Anne, thank you.


The COMPLETE History of Horror Movies

A full-length documentary about the history of horror movies. Pairs well with the even longer history of Analog Horror that I shared last month. This is really good

The Str8 to Fascist Pipeline | James Somerton

Disaffected folks can be convinced that advancements of rights for marginalized folks means fewer things for them. So straights think that queers are harming them when it is very much the other way around. Just like nerds join the alt-right, because they are told that greater inclusion means fewer things for them instead of more.

Film Theory: Bluey is MUCH Darker Than You Realize!

I mean, there are already tough issues that this show for children deals with, like the confirmation that yes, Chili did have a miscarriage before Bluey and Bingo.

How we fit an NES game into 40 Kilobytes

Optimizations in game dev are really interesting and clever to me, as someone who has never made a game like this.

Albert Camus – 6 Ways To Enjoy Your Life (Philosophy of Absurdism)

I’ve long decided that Absurdism is the branch of Existentialism that I’ve found the most resonance with when it comes to a personal philosophy. This gives a little overview, as well as some actionable activities.


Roy Cohn – Part One – Respect the Dead

Someone so detestable that he gets two episodes. I didn’t know much about Roy Cohn, but now I hate him since a good case is made for him directly causing Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump to become president.



I love the vibes here, and of course I noticed that subtle Bluey snippet in Parallels!

Rhythm Heaven: Dragon Dance

This is just so cute and catchy! I love rhythm games and want to give this a try

How ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Roleplaying Helped This Twitch Streamer Come Out – 2 Girls 1 Podcast

Happy Pride Month yall! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

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