heading to WordCamp Atlanta, making a home office

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I’ve scheduled this newsletter to go out while I’m on the way to WordCamp Atlanta where I’m gonna give a talk about using WordPress as a hub for the IndieWeb.

I spent a fair amount of time this week doing some cleaning and organizing around the house, as well as moving furniture. We got a spare room back, and I wanted to put my office setup back there as well as all of the crafting tools that I use. While I enjoy being in a more open setting so I can be nearer to everyone, this will allow me to use machines that need to connect to my computer easier, and let me do some recording in a quieter space.

Speaking of recording, I made a little shaky-cam, poorly lit office tour for this week’s vlog, which should be live by the time you get this. I still need to hang wall art to make the room look a bit more crowded, but it’s mostly there!

I’m enjoying making short videos, but they are kinda narcissistic when I’m just talking about myself. I’m going to work on that in the coming weeks, and welcome video suggestions.

I’ve got more project updates upcoming, but I’ll save them for later, since I want yall to have things that you can actually poke around with to talk about.

For now, I fly! See you soon, Atlanta!


The Real Crime Isn’t Shoplifting—It’s Wage Theft – Jason Linkins, New Republic

Shocking, I know. Fight the real enemy.

Why do we oppose Erotica to Porn? – schizo rhizo

To me, these terms are so nebulous it seems wrong to separate them from one another. It’s like obscenity, in the, “I know it when I see it” sense.


How Can We Bear to Throw Anything Away?

This dovetails well with the latest 2 Girls 1 Podcast episode about Wikipedia and the notability of roads and highways. When you make a judgement call on what should be preserved from history, you are choosing what is notable or not based on your lens of importance.

Why Do You Always Kill Gods in JRPGs?

This veers in so many directions, starting as a brief summary of Japanese history, moving into the philosophy of religion, finally culminating in talking about some video games.

Why Don’t Cities Use Hexagon Blocks?

People who wanted to construct cul-de-sacs used false data to claim that they were best? Nah, say it ain’t so 🤣

Michael Jackson – Thriller (Official 4K Video)

This song came on the radio earlier this week and I was so confused until I realized that it is October already somehow, and spoopy season is upon us 🎃


On National Coming Out Day, don’t forget that we’re winning! (w/ Kevin Jennings of Lambda Legal) – There Are No Girls on the Internet

What a great interview reminding us that while things look bleak, we are making strides, and fighting the fight of progress in every generation.

Believing Underrepresented People – Underrepresented in Tech

This is a hard concept for some people to grasp, and has been a source of controversy on social media, even on the fediverse.

Bonus: a preview of the underrepresented webinar series that is coming soon!

Wikipedians Are at War Over the Inclusion of Roads and Highways – 2 GIRLS 1 PODCAST

Paired up with the Jacob Geller video How Can We Bear to Throw Anything Away?

Wikipedia is both big and small. A record of so many things, while missing even more. Debating what should be included is a judgment call, not an objective truth.

Pawprint Panic!

This album feels like the score for an NES game that I want to play

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