Hope your week has been… well, as good as can be expected

Trying not to chase productivity, when that’s all that you’ve known

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I’m doing a 366 Day Challenge, and am 129 days in! You can follow along on my PixelFed account.

As always, here’s a few of the things that I’ve read and watched this week that I’d recommend going into the weekend.


What Mutual Aid Can Do During a Pandemic – Jia Tolentino, The New Yorker

#1267: “How do I set goals if I don’t want anything?” – Captain Awkward


I don’t have a lot to share this week, which is probably a good thing, considering the trimming down of internet fat that I am trying to accomplish. I mean, I still watch plenty on YouTube, but it’s mainly low quality junk that I’ve seen before or long music mix videos. We’ve been watching Westworld and rewatching the new Ducktales, both of which I recommend.

Sci-Fi Short Film: “The Right Choice” | DUST

A humorous yet dystopian take on designer babies. This does what good sci-fi is meant to do: uses a possible future to point out flaws in the present.

Robin Sloan – Writing with the machine: GPT-2 and text generation

Robin Sloan wrote two of my favorite books, and is working on both a game and new book, both of which will use some machine generated writing to help inform the story. This talk from a conference on roguelikes explains his technique a bit and the output that it creates.

That’s it for this week. Everyone stay safe and healthy out there ๐Ÿ’

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