How hard is it to focus? Really hard, right?

Apparently my email sending integration updated. This should have sent out over a week ago! I’ll probably write about the fun of setting up a server to self-host an email sending tool next week πŸ˜…

As usual, so many things going on that change up the pace of my week! I’m still slowly working up to a few bigger projects, but what else is new about that?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to focus myself better. I know that time blocking is useful, but my axnious, AuDHD self has trouble getting into that groove. There are so many things to do!

Gonna keep the intro really short this week and just ask a question: what methods do you use to focus on the things that you think will advance to where you want to be, when it’s not absolute that it will happen, and when focus is already hard to begin with?


Grindr’s Return-to-Office Ultimatum Has Gutted a Uniquely Queer Space in Tech – Caitlin Harrington, Wired

46% of the staff was let go over this ultimatum, including all of the openly trans employees and nine of eleven union organizers.

Wow, right after a union vote passed. Not at all related though, right? Right?

Google gets its way, bakes a user-tracking ad platform directly into Chrome – Ron Amadeo, ArsTechnica

“this is Google, and they control Chrome, and this probably still won’t make people switch to Firefox.”

Oof. But also true. Just get Firefox folks.

The GOP Has a Master Plan to Criminalize Being Trans – Brynn Tannehill, DAME

This is not unexpected but still terrifying.

Everything About Social Media Is About To Change Again – Reed Berkowitz

Paired up with the podcast interview below. I want more cozy and comfy online spaces!


The Suwannee River is One of the Country’s Wildest Places | America Outdoors | Full Episode

A beautiful river, and beautiful stories being shared by Baratunde Thurston about the people connected to this river.

RARE interview that has remained hidden for 40 years Roberta Williams talks Colossal Cave

Incredible listening to people who helped shape the home software and game software market talk about it as just no big thing

The film DISNEY didn’t want you to see

Nimona was a great film. It is worth watching and viewing it through a critical lens.

The Fake Genius: a $30 BILLION Fraud.

People can fake their way into getting people to give them a lot of money, and deserving marginalized folks go broke.

This game was made for us | The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo

I played this game! It really is spooky and interesting and is free to play on ztul’s itchio page.

Art in the Pre-Apocalypse

At some point, it becomes a moral imperative to change up tactics to be more direct.

“Laundry and Taxes” scene youtubers Reaction EEAAO (Everything, Everywhere, All, at Once)

This whole movie broke me up. I can see why so many people are surprised at their own reactions.

20 Years of Badgers

wow, I’m internet old


A Big Announcement and the Independent Future of 2G1P!

If you have listened to any of their episodes from my shares, go support the 2G1P Patreon πŸ’

Everything About Social Media Is About To Change Again w/ Reed Berkowitz – Digital Void Podcast

a good interview covering the Medium post above

Black women’s entrepreneurship is under attack – STUFF MOM NEVER TOLD YOU

Frustrating how traditionally marginalized groups can cannibalize one another as opposed to dismantling the systems that oppress

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