Huskies, Hades, and Hot Things

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Nothing really special this week. Last week was a blast, this week was full of mundane tasks, errands, and fixing broken things. And there are a lot of broken things to fix.

I found plenty of time to listen to podcasts, watch videos, and read articles. It kinda felt just in service of surfacing things for the newsletter though, which is not ideal.

I’m looking forward to a chill weekend, and hoping that it actually is one this weekend and not me lying about having a chill weekend again ๐Ÿ˜… In the meantime, enjoy the shares, and please share back!


Ice age Siberian hunters may have domesticated dogs 23,000 years ago – david Grimm, Science Magazine

Huskies are basically still baby wolves. Of course that’s where dogs came from!

Researcher hacks over 35 tech firms in novel supply chain attack – Ax Sharma, Bleeping Computer

Glad that it’s whitehat, but the concept of this hack is so embarrassingly simple with the potential for being so catastrophic that it boggles the mind. Also disheartening is that this kind of attack can still take places in dozens of other places, with almost no mechanism for stopping it since we don’t sign and validate code packages.

Welcome to Blockchain, NV – Atossa Araxia Abrahamian

Everything about this concept is dystopian, terrifying, and clearly directed at making money for and from one or two specific corporations. It’s like they’re barely trying to hide wanting to move beyond corporations are people to corporations are the State.

Google Has Been Allowing Advertisers to Exclude Nonbinary People from Seeing Job Ads – Jeremy B. Merrill, The Markup

Filed under unsurprising but sad.

screenshot of tweet with video from @aprettyPR that reads

Pair with some very happy tippy taps, courtesy of @68kHeart


Hades: How to Have a Blast in Hell

Any of their videos that talk about existentialism are my jam. Hades is a game where I’m thankful for Let’s Plays, as I enjoy watching and listening to it, but I’d probably not be great at actually playing.

Japan’s Massive Mistake of Building Two Incompatible Power Grids

This video went up the day before Texas decided to lose all of their power. I watched it and was like, “I get that the US is split by the Rockies, but why is Texas separate?” and we’ve got our answer.


I mean, this is just as good as a financial advisor. No wait, better because it’s more adorable and they are less likely to lie for their own gain. They just want to be paid in treats!

Disk 4 of 12 – FriendlyWare

A new Homestar Runner video! I kinda wish they weren’t all focused on Strong Bad lately, but I guess he was the most popular character on the site and has the most room to mess around with concepts.

Sci-Fi Short Film: “Best Friend” | DUST

Not a new short, but new to the DUST channel from GOBELINS. I doubt it’s the takeaway that they wanted, but the main issue here doesn’t seem to be addiction, but capitalism driving people to dangerous things.

Wet Hot American Summer (2001) – Cleaning Up & Breaking Down Scene

I got to thinking about Paul Rudd this week, then I got to thinking about one of the best scenes in this movie. So now you do too.

screenshot of a tweet showing a scene from the film Zootopia that looks very sexual, with the text


Ending Climate Change with Saul Griffith – Factually! with Adam Conover

Pairs well with this article on natural gas companies faking social media support by Rebecca Leber in Mother Jones. Adam’s guest gives a fairly hopeful view that we have almost all of the tech that we need to move to full electrification, it’ll save money, and it’ll help with climate change. Of course, the main thing holding us back is profits of currently entrenched fossil fuel companies.

Fantasy Lofi Music for Study and Chill

I love listening to these channels while working, and this one has some nice visuals too. Chill out and focus on your fantasy scroll works.


I keep posting my friend GOJII because I love their music and I want to share them with more people. I also am a sucker for solo piano works.

Dua Lipa: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

I’m glad that I started watching these Tiny Desk concerts recently. They’re so intimate and good!

Remember to share the stuff that you liked this week. See yall in a week and stay safe! ๐Ÿ’

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