i didn’t want to talk about it 😅

I delayed my newsletter a few days because I didn’t know what I wanted to write about here in the intro section. I told myself that I did not want to write about trans issues, because it’s just been everywhere lately.

But there’s just too much. This week there’s a Florida state representative calling us “mutants, devils, and imps” which I would otherwise call pretty metal and wear as a badge of pride if it wasn’t coming from someone voting to strip rights from us in the name of him being a “Proud Conservative Christian”. Funny how his viewpoint means that he should legislate against us, as opposed to our viewpoint just wanting him to leave us alone.

Or how about the weird way that guys online are reacting to MrBeast’s friend for coming announcing that they are fine with any pronouns and and being on HRT? Try defending your comments by saying that you are just worried about the child of someone that you’ve never met having a messed up childhood for not having a “strong father figure”, but it’s just a dog whistle for intolerance. Or make a popular video where people comment on how you get to see “both sides of the issue” on someone living their own life but doing so on camera as they’ve done for a decade already. Even better when you say that people will be turned off because of “over-the-top LGBT characters added for the sake of relatability” that will be a distraction, which is a weird way to describe someone who has been involved in the channel all this time and is just existing as themselves.

What’s most frustrating and troubling to me are the fights happening between trans and queer folks, because of differing opinions on unrelated topics. I don’t know how to address issues relating to community, safety, and moderation when it gets reduced to “real trans community” versus “trans people hiding behind their marginalization to destroy communities”. I swear that everything isn’t so dire!

I get it. I get that the world is an onslaught of terrible news after terrible news, and that we can’t control things outside of ourselves. But I don’t think that looking at positives in the world and appreciating them means that you are ignorant of the negatives, or not committing yourself to bringing about more positive over time.

I’m not linking to any of the above because I don’t want to add anymore oxygen to it. I’m just venting in long, poorly constructed paragraphs because I don’t really know what to say about any of this. I’m trying to live my life well for myself and especially those around me, and I often feel like I’m falling short. And unfortunately that means that those closest to me take on the brunt of my negativity, which is exactly what I’m trying to avoid.

Anyway, I rambled in a stream of consciousness, and I’m gonna hit send without proofing so that it’ll sound as disjointed as my thoughts generally are 😅 I’m likely taking the next week off from this as my partner is visiting and I’ll return with something about all of the fun that we get into!

Mastodon post from FirstProgenitor@sanguinem.space
that reads, "Happy Neil banging out the tunes day". There is a picture of a rodent with a tiny rainbow keyboard and the text, "Neil banging out the tunes April 13, 2006"
a palate cleanser, thanks Neil


I wanna highlight my friend Allie’s newsletter this week. She has returned to a regular newsletter and I’m glad to have her back! Useful WordPress and business links and thoughts from someone who I respect on that world.

Creepy & Paranormal As Cultural Control – Matt Klein

I feel an odd comfort listening to (not dumb, well narrated) spooky stories online. There is so much horror in the world and this paradoxically feels comforting, so much that I put them on when I’m napping.

The Hacking of ChatGPT Is Just Getting Started – Matt Burgess, Wired

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have a tool of unlimited creative potential, and have that same tool be reined in with constraints imposed to make it look safer and more palatable to use for those who would never try to generate the kinds of things that make hands wring.

How Bookshop.org Survives—and Thrives—in Amazon’s World – Wired, By Kate Knibbs

I need to remember to start linking there instead of affiliate link sites when I recommend books


Why Is Everyone Saying Bluey Has The Best Dad in Media? (Inspiring People to Become Parents)

I tried telling this to my friend, then showed her a few episodes that were already queued up and they were the ones where he is impatient with the kids. Oops 😅

Let me do it for you TikTok compilation

It’s upsetting how much that sound gets embedded in my head, so now you get it. Enjoy!


Lost [Official Music Video] – Linkin Park

Classic Linkin Park that takes me back. They made some AI generated videos for remastered tracks that didn’t make it on Meteora for the 20th anniversary, back when I was in high school. RIP Chester Bennington.

Fred again..: Tiny Desk Concert

I was unfamiliar with his work, but I’m a fan of how he uses the space around him in this NPR concert, including the actual desk that he’s recording on.

Why Am I Anxious?- (Animated Music Video)

It’s weird seeing Tom Cardy be the voice of reason in a music video about himself 🤣

permabreath by meldecision

I found this because Mel is a talented designer who works on WordPress and it was a good vibe 🎶

synthwave radio 🌌 – beats to chill/game to

Lofi Girl has a friend now, and he has a sleepy puppy! 🐶

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