I disgust social media

I disgust social media

I was listening to last week’s Content Mines, in which the hosts were trying to describe what they saw as the future of the metaverse. Assuming that a company like Facebook got their way and owned the whole experience for most users, Ryan said this:

“What if internet platforms were something that you lived inside of and couldn’t escape and were shitty and expensive?”

After a long discussion, co-host Luke pointed out that everything described basically already exists, just a bit more disjointed and already a mess. He sums up his take:

“What if now but more!”

It’s true, there is a lot that feels samey about every social media platform at this point. Every platform finds a hook, and the others rush to implement it as well. In my mind the metaverse of at least the near-term future is this, but screens in front of your eyes instead of in your hands. I don’t think that this is a good thing.

I have an unhealthy relationship with social media. But not the kind where I get addicted and can’t get off (he says, clearly an addict of sorts). It’s more that I allow things there to bleed to heavily into my life and taint my moods. I can get worked up over something and brood on it, even if I can remove myself from regularly getting online to rehash and reinforce it.

Recently the issue of in person events has been a sore spot for me. Too many folks that I know are planning or have already gone to in person events with hundreds or thousands of people when anyone paying attention knows that Covid cases are on a sharp rise, and the vaccines are not a cure-all.

I’m worried about a future in which I cannot simply log off. When disinformation and misinformation have not only continued, but gotten more pernicious. When it feels safer and calmer to disconnect, but doing so would literally be a full disconnection.

There has to be some in-between, but for me I haven’t found it. I use a platform, get sick of it, and either delete my account or delete most everything on it, wiping a bit of the grime off of my already filthy and contaminated online persona.

I think that I want to talk about this more in depth next week from the lens of art versus commerce, and personal enjoyment versus personal brand. I’m inviting all of you to email me how you feel about being online so much as I am.

screenshot of a tweet by @lolennui
 that reads, "is this a threat". The tweet contains a screenshot of an HP Smart notification that reads "You're low on ink Never run low on ink again."


What Bobby McIlvaine Left Behind – Jennifer Senior, The Atlantic

As we come up on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, this longread has everything. An obituary, a conspiracy, grief, and pain.

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What’s the oldest internet community that you can remember taking part in?

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From the comics code to bi Robin πŸ¦πŸ‘

The bizarre Minecraft meme Penis SMP has spawned a world of its own – Ryan Broderick, Polygon

Ryan talks about this topic a bit more in this week’s Content Mines. If this is the future of the Metaverse I think I’m ok with it.

screenshot of tweet by @shocks that reads "Kinda weird that we’re all gonna experience climate change as a series of short, apocalyptic videos until eventually it’s your phone that’s recording"


Ok, so it’s not a real video site, but Nestflix is pretty fun. It’s a collection of nested films/shows within other films/shows. What are your favorites?


Can I get one of those vests to wear?

Gay Bar Murder Mysteries, from Starsky & Hutch to Murder She Wrote

A gay bar with no gay people in it? Very progressive

Maybe maybe maybe

how a boomer handles a problem

Space Jam: Why Hollywood Keeps Repeating Itself

I don’t think that there is anything inherently wrong with nostalgia. I appreciate the nuance of various forms of nostalgia discussed here, and how it can properly serve us or be used to mollify us as audiences.

screenshot of a tweet by @nathanwpyle that reads
- don’t be cool 
- don’t get real with your class

there are pictures of a sign showing a person leaning against a wall with a red crossed circle over them, and a sign showing a person sitting on a wall with a red crossed circle over them


clickbait transphobia – Queersplaining

I’ve only recently found this show and I’ve been enjoying going through the archives. It’s not just in the UK that people can gain a following by othering and denigrating trans folks.

the last resort is minimum wage – Queersplaining

The most recent episode of Queersplaining is about sex workers and how we can try to do better when it comes to treating that like any other job.

What If The Metaverse Looked Like The Minecraft YouTuber Fandom? – The Content Mines

I admit, I kinda like all of the metaverse discussion lately. Not because I want Facebook to own the cyberspace/OASIS/Second Life of the future, but because I like the extra attention put on the social space of the future.

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