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Howdy again! 🐺🐾🎊

You may be getting this email having come from This Week in Web, my previous weekly newsletter about weird things on the web, data privacy, open source and free software, and other nonsense that online academically minded people may like.

Something that I’ve noticed is that I want to write when I’m sitting around airports waiting for flights. I’m on a layover at LaGuardia waiting to go to WordCamp Rochester to talk about WordPress and the IndieWeb, so I am sending out my newsletter in a more truncated form this week.

I haven’t published any new articles this week, but I’ve been working on a few. I’m going to highlight my previous two posts on getting started with Mastodon, as well as misconceptions about Mastodon and the Fediverse.

Don’t worry, there’s still a bit of weird this week! Chris Wiegman shared the following article: A Russian Man Is Suing Apple for “Turning Him Gay”

It’s no water turning the frogs gay, but it’s something. Soon, everyone will be turned gay by big tech! 🏳️‍πŸŒˆπŸ’»πŸŽ‰

This one is old, but was resurfaced for me yesterday in an article about the open web. Rachel White gives a stroll down memory lane, and a call to arms with a message and resources in her article “Keep the Internet Weird“.

I’ll see yall next week! Stay strange!

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