I’m really vibing with Christine Suggs

I’ve been reading some of the comics that Christine Suggs has put out over the past few years, having just discovered their work. They have several comics for The Lily that have resonated with me, like their description of depression and black-and-white thinking.

They also have a comic about being half-Mexican, passing for white. Similar to them, I am half Puerto Rican, but pass for white (well, most of the time, but that’s a different story). I also spent my summers in Puerto Rico as a child to a teenager, but also feel a bit of a language barrier, having never become a native Spanish speaker. It feels weird to have a heritage that can get recognized in some ways, but that I don’t really own thanks to a lot of other privilege that I have.

Finally, I wanted to share their comic on realizing that they are nonbinary during the pandemic. I had plenty of time to think about my life, my partners, my relationships to others, and look inwardly at myself. Without constant traveling (I was attending events out of town most weekends in 2019), I was able to make space to comfortably change some things about my presentation. I’m finding a lot to like about myself that I look forward to bringing back into the world when I can travel and see distant friends again.

That’s it, just wanted to share an artist that I was enjoying before sharing more links today. Have a good week!

A drawing of a non-binary individual with the text "cute & crampy" above them. They are dressed cute, but they have angry red lines coming from their tummy, and a speech bubble that says "fuck"
Another Christine Suggs piece that feels way too much like me


All Twitter bot accounts can now include a label to show they’re automated – K. Holt, Engadget

Finally, it seems that Twitter is taking note of some of the good features of Mastodon and incorporating them into their product. Hopefully people will be able to choose what to do with bot accounts in the future, not just see them labeled.

Another good feature that Mastodon has had from the start that Twitter has now is being able to add content warnings to individual posts and mark images as sensitive. Twitter is also rolling out a feature to allow you to autoblock people who send hateful tweets at you.

Their Bionic Eyes Are Now Obsolete and Unsupported – Eliza Strickland and Mark Harris, IEEE Spectrum

You’d think that body augmentation technology would have to have relevant data and tools available for when the original companies no longer exist or want to serve their still-living customers.

A Child’s TikTok Stardom Opens Doors. Then a Gunman Arrives. – Elizabeth Williamson, NYT

Parents, do not condone your children selling selfies and personal info to strangers online.

tweet from @HeavenlyGrandpa that reads, "reject modernity (two-factor authentication), embrace tradition (answering my riddles three)"


Kass: The Rito Bard – Lore and Origins (Legend of Zelda)

My favorite character in Breath of the Wild is easily this musical birb dad

Teddy Bear the Porcupine’s Halloween Feast

The little noises that he makes while eating!

Tales From Scorchwater Valley – The Rhino and the Redbill (Animated Pilot)

Very impressive animation done by a small team! I’m interested in seeing if the pilot goes anywhere.


i’m scared

Pretty much always gonna share new bill wurtz songs

Ithya’s Journey – The Old City

I like that these chill, adventurous music mixes have a story running under them, with a bit of animation as well. Enough to be background interesting, not too much to be distracting.

Facebook Is Doomed If It Can’t Track You – The Content Mines

Facebook has really not been having a great few weeks. Good.

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