I’m taking a break, and you should too

I don’t really have a ton to say right now. There is a lot going on in the world, and hopefully you’ve been able to shield yourself from some of it. None of us were made to have this much access to information, misinformation, and disinformation 24/7.

I’m leaving on a camping trip tomorrow where I will likely be without cell service. By choice at least, if not by design.

next week I’ll not have a newsletter, and I may take the additional week after that, but we’ll see.

I hope that everyone reading this takes some time to themselves, today or sometime soon, to just be with themselves and take care of those around them in whatever small way possible.

tweet from @BersTheBighead that reads, "No more toxic positivity.
Chaotic vibes only.
Live. Cackle. Admire from a distance.
Choose insanity.
Screech into the void.
Be the nonsense you wish to see in the world.
Be one with your inner opossum.
tweet from @Gritty20202 that reads:
2019: avoid negative people
2020: avoid positive people
2021: avoid people
2022: a void


Against ‘text’ – Omar Rizwan, Future of Text Journal (pdf)

Starting on page 100, there’s an interesting article on some of the issues with text being treated as the default and how that affects certain forms of hypertext.

I’m struck by the fact that if I write a paper with LaTeX, or make a Web page with Markdown, it’s trivial to add prose, and it’s a monstrous inconvenience to add a figure. The figures are the important part!

2022 Greater Orlando Metro tornado

I get it, fandoms around creepypasta and the like exist and are fun. But considering this is a very detailed description of a huge tornado going right over my neighborhood, I’ll be very annoyed or dead if this ends up happening on 7 July of this year.

TERFs Are Fighting With the Conservative Men Pushing Their Agenda – Miles Klee, Mel Magazine

gasp, groups design around pushing one hateful agenda can find that they can work together when they overlap, but that the enemy of my enemy isn’t necessarily my friend.

4 Ways Disney Managed To Aggressively Raise A Generation Of Furries – Zanandi Botes, Cracked

Look, since furries are in the news now, what with (very false) claims of special accommodations in schools and gross, white supremacist shooters, we should talk about the fact that our biggest entertainment conglomerate had a large helping hand.

a tweet from @textfiles that reads, 
Is there a statement more desperate and thirsty that "playing only in movie theaters"


The hidden history of “Hand Talk”

It makes sense that not only were spoken native languages beat out in Native American boarding schools, but so was a cross-culture, cross-borders sign language.

Dancers in the Dark – A Brief History of Dance in Film

Just a nice video of dance in film set to the best part of ‘Cloud Atlas’, the score.

I made the Bulbasaur Evolution into an amazing sculpture

Bulbasaur is the best starter, so this is the best in this series of sculpting videos.

Making Sense of VRChat, the “Metaverse” People Actually Like

I’ve been watching a lot more about VR recently, which generally turns me off. This is a better look at some of the positives of VRChat and why I might actually want to check it out with friends.

tweet from @Pandamoanimum that reads, "The final dance in Dirty Dancing, but they’re dancing to The Muppet Show theme tune." The attached video is the described scene.


PDQ Bach – Beethoven Symphony No. 5

I’ve never seen sports announcers for a symphony, but they managed to keep it funny until the end.

The Woke Bible: Messed-Up Bible Stories With a Modern Twist – 2 Girls 1 Podcast

I’m totally shocked to learn that the bible often says the opposite of what fundamentalists claim that it does /s

The Top Site On Facebook Is A Vietnamese Content Farm – The Content Mines

From all of the reporting via Garbage Day over the past year, I’m convinced that Facebook is fundamentally dead inside as a social platform beyond the menial tasks of birthday reminders and event invites to click “Maybe” on.

If you made it this far, why not share this newsletter with a friend? Or share with me some of the things that you found that you liked this week. Either way, I’m thrilled!