It doesn’t feel like a celebration this year.

At least some of us get a long weekend?

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I’m doing a 366 Day Challenge, and am 185 days in! You can follow along on my PixelFed account.

WordCamp Denver went pretty well last week I think! The videos should be live soon if anyone wants that, but I can also share my slides with you on building your first WordPress plugin here.

Now ready for the holiday weekend, this week’s reading, and watching suggestions.


How “A Wrinkle in Time” Changed Sci-Fi Forever – Jen Doll, Mental Floss

The movie wasn’t that great, but the books in this series were a turning point in young david’s sci-fi life. I should give them a re-read soon.

New Caledonian Crows Are Even Smarter and Scarier Than We Thought – Peter Hess, Inverse

I, for one, welcome our new crow overlords. Seriously, they can probably get it right. Also: “squirreling-ass birds” sounds like the taunt of someone afraid.

The Last of Us 2 epitomizes one of gaming’s longest debates – Chris Plante, Polygon

I used to play a lot of violent video games, but have all but given on them for the most part. While most games involve violence to some degree, AAA titles take it to extremes. This is an interesting take on why that is, though I didn’t realize that ludonarrative dissonance was apparently a no-no in games reporting.

The Confederacy Was an Antidemocratic, Centralized State – Stephanie McCurry, The Atlantic

Facts, stated simply and plainly: The Civil War was about slavery, first and foremost. Your “heritage” means nothing when it is about defending that.

Where Did My Ambition Go? – Maris Kreizman, Gen

I think that most of us have been feeling this to some degree over the past few months. It might not be a bad thing to be comfortable with lowered ambitions, he says while still feeling guilty about projects left unfinished or unstarted.

โ€ชI’m sad to see Apple being forced into the fray of exclusive podcasts – david Chartier, Finer Things in Tech

I mean, they’re not forced, but I get the sentiment. I’m thankful that Apple didn’t try to dominate content a while ago when it definitely could have. I keep percolating ideas around decentralization in podcasts that I need to write down.


The Fandom EP1: Introduction (Furry Documentary)

The full documentary of ‘The Fandom‘ makes its way to YouTube and Amazon Prime tonight. I decided to share the original seven-part series with my husband this week, as I found it one of the better introductions to the furry fandom without diving too deeply into any one topic, like the stupid nazi problem that seems to invade some of the most unassuming places.

A Very Furry Queer Eye Special: Philadelphia Mascot Gritty Gets A Makeover

To pair with the above, the Queer Eye guys learned that you can’t fix perfection. I would actually watch the show if they did makeovers to furries and other internet subcultures for a season.

Selena – Como La Flor (Live From Astrodome)

I thought about this song yesterday, I wanted to listen to it, and this was a good version. That’s enough reason to share, right? Selena had such an incredible voice

livelaughconf 1.0

I like that when Jenn Schiffer decided to start blogging amid the pandemic, she turned it into “a celebration of being complex human beings who know and love a lot more than we are given credit, or sometimes even permission, for.” It’s silly and meaningful at the same time, like most of the work that she produces.

Janelle Monaé Teaches You How To Break Democracy | Celebrity Substitute

I love Janelle Monaé, and I love talking about representative democracy, or at least how it can improve.

Don’t Shame Your Users Into Converting

Like the old clients from hell videos, this shows how ridiculous website tactics are if you were to say them directly to another person. Avoid dark patterns!!!

Stay safe in there. I love you ๐Ÿ’

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