it’s time for physical crafting!

I’ve been focusing on crafting a lot this past week. I took advantage of our terrible online retail overlord’s annual two day sales event to purchase a few accessories for some used equipment that I’d picked up recently.

I stress used because when I list out the fact that I now own a black and white laser printer, a color tank inkjet printer, a cricut machine, a laser engraver/cutter, an airbrush, a button maker, and a 3D printer, it definitely sounds like I have an intense crafting setup. And I admittedly kinda do! But I also bought cheap versions of all of these, and they have so far served me well. It turns out you don’t immediately need to jump to the top-of-the-line for a hobby that you want to get into.

Some of these things I got for personal gratification, and to be able to make gifts for friends. But admittedly my recent purchases were with starting a crafting/art shop in mind. I spend all day on the computer, and while surprise surprise, these are all computer assisted tools, I like doing physical art things as well. Something something, building with your hands and “real” things.

I’m excited to share things soon, and for now I can share my very first attempt at printing and cutting out physical stickers. There is a lot to be done, especially grouping together words that are floating on backgrounds. But so far I’m pretty happy with how this first test came out!

A compilation of three small images showing a printed sticker sheet with various stickers of Bowie, the sticker sheet in a Cricut machine, and the stickers on a Cricut cutting mat after having been cut out


Google Says It’ll Scrape Everything You Post Online for AI – Thomas Germain, Gizmodo

Because they aren’t legally allowed to but know that laws have never stopped them before, and breaking the law is more profitable.

Farmer owes $82,000 in contract dispute over use of a ‘thumbs-up’ emoji, judge says- Jennifer Henderson, CNN

I don’t know if I can trust myself with the emoji that I use affecting legal cases.

Baldur’s Gate 3 gets a new, dark Origin and some wild bear romance – Eric Van Allen, Destructoid

Interesting how many of my non-furry friends sent me links about this story 😅🐻

Teenager detained at Florida airport and accused of ‘skiplagging’ travel hack – Graig Graziosi, Independent

Because it’s a teenager? I dunno, this seems very sus and like… it’s not illegal so deal with it via customer service channels, not physically detaining a teenager flying alone.

Robotaxi haters in San Francisco are disabling the AVs with traffic cones – Rebecca Bellan, TechCrunch

If it’s this easy to confuse self driving cars, do you want to be riding around in them right now?


Everything Everywhere All at Once Deleted Scene – Final Fight (2022) | Vudu

I can understand why these two fights were removed, but I’m just happy to be experiencing more of my favorite movie.

totk Mod_Anthro wolf link

Suddenly I want to try playing Tears of the Kingdom on a PC or Steamdeck…

How the US Stole Puerto Rico

Ignore the early ad for Better Help, and find a very brief overview of how the US has always and still does treat Puerto Rico as a dumping ground for problems and a way to extract as much wealth and resources as possible

Reverse emulating the NES to give it SUPER POWERS!

I was recommended this channel by a friend and binged a bunch of videos. Informative and entertaining!

This Is Why You’re Poor

Surprise, it’s Capitalism.


Summer Days Lead To The Best Memories 🎧 Rnb Lo-Fi Music to Relax, Chill, Calm Down | Lofi of Color

Discovered this channel recently and I love the art and the different beats from the channels that I usually watch

Anthemix [ Chillout | Ambient | Lo-Fi ]

Same as the above, with a totally different (furry) vibe

‘Second Life’ Turns 20, and It’s Still the Metaverse We Always Dreamed Of – 2 Girls 1 Podcast

A good episode with two people who have been on Second Life near its start talking about the still vibrant community and why a metaverse doesn’t have to be huge

What is a journalism? TikTok and the future of news (w/ Vitus Spehar of Under the Desk News!) – There Are No Girls on the Internet

Another good interview, this time about how social media can be harnessed as a social good, as opposed to a social drain

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