I’ve been working on life organizaton

I’ve spent a good portion of the last week on cleaning out some task lists. I’m not normally one to promote specific apps or tools, and I’m not really doing so here. But I wanted to give yall an idea of what I’ve been working on.

My personal life dashboard at Notion, in progress

I have recently gotten back into the web service and app, Notion. It is kind of an all around content management system. It aims to replace a variety of tools including Trello, Airtable, Google Docs, and more. I tried it in the past but was turned off by the slow load of some pages and the 1000 block limit on the free account.

Both of those issues have been addressed in the past few years, and now fully free accounts have basically everything that an individual could want from the service when working on their own.

As you can see in the screenshot above, I’ve taken to creating a personal life dashboard. The many sub pages are areas where I store different forms of writing, personal things to track, things for our household, and a variety of other miscellaneous lists and pages.

This has taken me quite a while to work on, since I wanted it organized, making sense to me without extra data that would overwhelm me, and of course making it cute with pictures of my fursona and my partners liberally sprinkled about.

I don’t know how long it will take for me to get in the habit of using this over ToDoist and Trello, my other task and project management systems. A good portion of my time was spent on importing from them and trying to make things make sense. All I can hope is that this time I stick with it and have one home for the things that I want to keep track of. The nice thing is that it is flexible and I can build on it over time.

Do any of you use Notion? How about another personal life planning system that you enjoy? Share with me so that I can learn from you!

tweet from @sarahjeong
commentator who has studied east asian geopolitics for decades: regardless of one’s feelings about abe, one cannot deny this is a shocking and

well-meaning liberal who’s never heard of abe: oh no!!! 🕯 

guy with furry avatar and nothing to lose: fuck that guy he sucked ass lmao
Thank you for seeing us, sarah jeong.


What Lies Behind That ‘No Trespass’ Sign – Brian Sawers, The Atlantic

I was unaware of the racist history of trespass laws, but I am not at all surprised for that to be the case. When in doubt, racism is at play!

How Minions beat Disney at the copyright game – Zack Kotzer, Polygon

While Disney is focused on political attacks that likely should have succeeded decades ago, and not been based on an anti-gay culture war, Universal is over here doing it’s thing, dominating the meme world.

Jason Brassard Spent His Lifetime Collecting the Rarest Video Games. Until the Heist.- Justin Heckert, Vanity Fair

I had nowhere near as many games as this collector, but I can viscerally feel his pain in losing a collection like this, only to get some of them back in the worst state imaginable.

Meet the guy behind RadioShack’s horny Twitter account – Chris Stokel-Walker, Input Mag

This Twitter breakdown on the brand’s foray into cryptocurrency exchanging kinda sours the fun of horny on main. Can’t wait until every brand does this.


What Hellhounds Reveal about Humans’ Oldest Companion | Monstrum

They reveal that some people don’t like big doggos or puppers, which is bizarre.

The Tragic Story of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

death to capitalism

An organizer’s DREAM – A little to the left (demo)

These games are fun to play, even better for me to watch


Florence + The Machine – King

This is the single from the new album that has been stuck in my head most. I’m humming it while typing 🎶

Do you remember?

Do you remember?

Patricia Taxxon – Aeroplane [Full Album]

I was recommended this trans musician and youtuber by a friend who linked me to this video about their artistic statement.

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