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The more that I read people writing effusively about the broken and chaotic features of Bluesky, the more I feel like I’m gonna write it off on checking it out or caring about it. That’s all, not a whole thing to rant about (today), just wanted to get that thought into a newsletter.

This week has been spent with partners and friends celebrating birthdays and having vacation time together. I’ve been having a relaxing week, deepening relationships and just having all around fun. I’m so thankful to have them all 🥰

A picture of david and their friends and partners in front of The Seas ride and the Epcot Ball at Epcot in Disney World

I was reading the latest newsletter from Robin Rendle, where he talks about building out an archive of his web projects to display in public. This is an undertaking that I’ve been passively working on for the past few years, since right now there are so many things missing from my personal site. I haven’t even moved over to my new domain yet!

Along with this I’ve been looking at the “20 Days to Celebrate 20 Years of WordPress, From Blogs to Blocks” series, which is meant to celebrate the 20th anniversary of WordPress by giving daily prompts on things to write, code, photograph, design, or contribute. If you are reading this and use WordPress, I suggest giving it a go!

Eventually I will have my personal space up to date online. For now at least I have the newsletter. What do you have in mind for your own personal online spaces? Do you have things to add to your portfolio, or a portfolio yet to build?


‘Too greedy’: mass walkout at global science journal over ‘unethical’ fees – Anna Fazackerley, The Guardian

Oh look, another situation where everyone is unhappy and by taking collective action they can make material changes in how unfair practices work.

Dylan Mulvaney Didn’t Do Anything – Evan Urquhart, Assigned Media

Of course they didn’t. It would be funny how “anti-woke” people are most likely to virtue signal on the nightly news if it weren’t leading to real-world hate.

Doug Rushkoff Is Ready to Renounce the Digital Revolution – Malcolm Harris, Wired

Even the old-school techies are seeing that the revolution is not all that was promised.

50 years after release, Disney’s Robin Hood is still a life-changing furry phenomenon – Josh Spiegel, Polygon

I can agree with most everything from the furries quoted in this piece 🤣🦊


The Relentless Fatphobia of Children’s TV

It’s a shame that even great cartoons like Bluey give in to this basic temptation to make people feel bad about their bodies. Husky builds are good!

I Asked The Barenaked Ladies About Digimon The Movie | Steven Page’s Honest Answer

His son’s answer is even better

Ben Schwartz OBLITERATES Super Castlevania IV

Ben Schwartz is my favorite Guest Grumps guest. He seems like he generally wants to talk about the others and not himself, and not just to plug things.

Abby Govindan: How TikTok is Making Misogyny Cool and Sexy Again | Memes, Myths, and Magic | 4/29/23

tradwife, tradlife

Ancient Therapy for Modern Problems: Stoic Philosophy Explained

New Philosophy Tube! It’s cool that Marcus Aurelius can preach not having things and not being concerned about things and being ok if everything disappears. But it’s also easy to say that when you are literally emperor.

The Unhinged Bank Heist of D.B. Tuber • Mystery Files

New Watcher show! I like this update of Unsolved


Speaking & the WordPress Women/Non-Binary Release Squad ft. Tammie Lister – Underrepresented in Tech

Another women/non-binary release is coming to WordPress, coinciding with Matt Mullenweg stepping back as the lead contributor for v6.4. Listen to why this is important in getting more underrepresented views seen.

Why Would Anyone In Their Right Mind Post on r/RoastMe? – 2 Girls 1 Podcast

I don’t think that I have the constitution to be roasted on the internet by strangers on purpose. It happens without my consent enough as is, thanks.

Janelle Monáe – Lipstick Lover [Official Music Video]

Excited for a new album and hopefully tour! Warning that this video is fairly nsfw though 😅

Tenacious D – Video Games (Official Video)

The D are back!

If you made it this far, why not share this newsletter with a friend? Or share with me some of the things that you found that you liked this week. Either way, I’m thrilled!