Making progress, writing code

I’ve mainly spent this week heads down doing some coding projects, and making some progress that I’m happy with. I haven’t come up with some topic to chat about this week. So I’m just gonna leave you with some shares to discuss.

What have you been up to this week?

tweet from @jckarter that reads,
"touch grass" ok i have an empty file named "grass" in my home directory. now what


In solidarity with Library Genesis and Sci-Hub

Since it’s somehow still legal for private companies to own copyright on public knowledge works created with public funds and then sell it back at absurdly high prices, we need services like Library Genesis and Sci-Hub to exist freely.

No, I Will Not Debate You – Laurie Penny, Longreads

“the idea that politeness and civility is owed to anyone in a position of power is one of the great gotchas of liberal thought.”

Home Sweet Homepage, Amy Wibowo

A nice story that I can relate to about getting started online and making your own homepage.

This Furry Porn AI Generates a Sexual ‘Hindquarters’ Image Every 40 Seconds – Samantha Cole, Vice

This is where AI is taking us 😂

This Grandma’s Dying Wish Was a Giant Dick on Her Grave – Nathaniel Janowitz, Vice

Mad respect.


Your Art Matters (One Scene For Hope)

A non dark Caelan Conrad video. A good one at that.

An Exhaustive Defense of Fanfiction

Yes, fanfiction is worthy of respect as a medium!

Rep. Eskamani reacts as Gov. DeSantis targets small business after viral video of kids at drag show

I just like the sass from the anchor reading the story. Though I wish that more would come of this than just pointing out the hypocrisy of an entire political party.

I made Cookie Monster terrorizing Gingerbread Men

For once the sculpture is an actual monster but doesn’t look creepy. Instead, the sculpture ends up truly monstrous.


AJR – I Won’t (Official Video)

I like the camera cuts for this video. Lots of shots stitched together.

Hey, I don’t work here – (Official Music Video)

But if I did, I wouldn’t surrender.

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