making time for hobbies is self-care

One thing that I’ve been trying to do lately is make more time for hobbies. I’ve been getting back into physical crafting, including laser engraving, 3D printing, and painting minis. I’ve also started things like taking classes on using Blender, a 3D modeling and animation tool. It’s confusing to open the app up and see buttons and toolbars everywhere, with icons that I’ve never encountered before. Having someone walk through them and show which ones are important to start with is a huge help.

I don’t always feel fulfilled when it comes to work. I often feel stuck, knowing that I could be doing more, but not sure where and how to actually put my focus. Making time for my hobbies can often make me feel a bit guilty. How can I play a video game when I have a todo list to get to?!?

This is a toxic mindset to have. Study after study show that play is pretty much the most valuable and useful thing that humans can do, including in pursuit of productivity. It’s good to spend some time on the things that are fun, and they help you to grow and learn in ways that tackling boring work-for-pay cannot.

I’ve gotta make sure that I don’t allow hobbies to bleed too much into work as well. For example, I’ve started printing cubone skull earrings, and have considered setting up a shop to sell things like that. It’s not a bad idea to help pay for the hobby tools, but I’m going to be careful not to turn it into another job that I hate πŸ˜…

Do you have any hobbies that you’ve recently gotten back to, or want to start soon? Reply to this email, because I want to see it!


Sex Worker-Led Payment Platform Shuts Down After Being Cut Off by Processor – Samantha Cole, Vice

Please stop being mad at social media platforms for cracking down on porn and saying that they get what they deserve when people leave over it. Platforms have so many issues, but this is not one of them. It’s a payment processor issue. We need to stop letting banks and credit card companies push puritanical views of how people can make and spend our money.

Discord, or the Death of Lore β€” March 6, 2023 – Jason Scott, Textfiles

Things on the internet are forever when we don’t want them to be, and transient when we want to keep them.

Meet CupidBots, the Horrifying Dating App Using AI to Harass Women – Frank Landymore, Futurism

Where there’s new technology, there are guys who would rather harness that than work on being better people.

DeSantis to expand β€˜Don’t Say Gay’ law to all grades – Anthony Izaguirre, AP News

Wow, almost as if the guy who kept using the line that the law was “just for kindergarten to 4th grade” was lying to get the “protect the children” vote.

Some Photo-Cropping Apps Are Exposing Your Secrets – Lily Hay Newman, Wired

Don’t you love how tech can sometimes do literally the opposite of what you want? Not only is a crop not removed, but often crops are specifically for things that we want to hide, flagging them as significant info.


The History of Analog Horror [ft. Nexpo, Alex Kister, NightMind, Kris Straub] | Documentary (2022)

Why this video doesn’t have more views, I don’t know. This is a long (3 hour) but excellent documentary about analog horror, containing interviews with some of the biggest names in the genre.

Most Important Bluey Character (Perfect Representation of ADHD / Autism)

I am Jack sometimes, and that’s ok πŸΆπŸ’

We Entered the World of Microsoft Excel eSports & Got Our Asses Beat

considering how fully functioned of a programming language spreadsheets are, I’m not at all surprised that there are competitions for them. But having those competitions treated as an esport is amusing to me.

Are You Scared of The Man in the Crowd?

Dan meets his childhood hero, Roberta Williams

I love this playthrough. Arin is trying to play the game like he does most games (a bit too silly at times as a bit). Roberta is trying hard not to reveal all of the secrets of the game. Dan is trying not too geek out so hard that he loses the audience. But they strike the right balance of basically having a great interview with a storied game developer, with some graphics to keep it visually stimulating.

The ALLEGED Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling (What The Megan Phelps Podcast Won’t Tell You)

ah yes, the billionaire with a self-made image crisis is the one who is the subject of a witch trial. Not the vulnerable, marginalized people who she is attacking.


Miley Cyrus – Midnight Sky in the Live Lounge

Not a new recording, but I like the bit of husky rasp that Miley Cyrus uses while singing.

Thousands of People Are Still Using (and Modifying) Their iPods – 2 Girls 1 Podcast

I don’t still have my own old iPods, but this is making me wish that I still had an older one to modify

Organizing for POWER with Jane McAlevey | FACTUALLY podcast

It’s hard to organize workers, which makes folks like Jane McAlevey so important, since they have done the hard work of finding repeatable methods to unionize labor, while maintaining the flexibility that every situation uniquely demands.