Making time for reading books

I haven’t fully stopped reading books, but lately I’ve found myself unable to focus on them very well. This is not a new feeling, but one that comes and goes in cycles. I’ll have periods of reading novels in a few days to taking a month or two on one.

That’s not to say that I’m not reading. Like most of you online, I’m probably consuming more words than I have at any other point in my life. But making that quiet time just to focus on words on a page and not hop back and forth to other distractions has been lacking.

I’m thinking about this because this weekend I decided to buy a stack of used books that had been on my want to read list for a while. A mix of novels and graphic novels, in addition to some non-fiction books already in my collection, and I have more than enough to keep me busy for a while.

I make and break a lot of personal promises, but one that I’d like to keep is finishing more of the books that I bring into the house. To keep myself honest I also want to start reviewing books on my blog again. Or blog at all 😅

Do you have any books that you’ve been excited to get to? Despite having a long list ready to go, I’m always open to suggestions on something that you’ve read and liked or want to read.

tweet that reads, "Scrolling through twitter when you're depressed", which includes a screenshot of the Nathan Fielder show The Rehearsal. The screenshot shows Nathan with a child dressed as a doctor and the closed captions, "The farts aren't working. I still feel sick."


The Founder of GeoCities on What Killed the ‘Old Internet’ – Jody Serrano, Gizmodo

“…the only way we could deal with those was to continue to enhance our content guidelines and be very, very deliberate—very, very strict. We just banned all sorts of speech that is allowed today. We wouldn’t allow it on the platform.”

David Bohnett, GeoCities Founder

I highlight the following quote because I think that more platforms should do this. You own the platform. It’s ok for you to choose what goes onto it and what doesn’t at times.

iOS Privacy: Instagram and Facebook can track anything you do on any website in their in-app browser – Felix Krause

This almost shouldn’t be shocking at this point, but maybe someone coming with receipts will help.

What Did Indies Learn from the Boyfriend Dungeon Content Warning Discourse? – Kenneth Shepard, fanbyte

I think that having content warnings is a good idea and another piece of the accessibility puzzle. The people who complain about them existing at all are angry about yet another thing in gaming just because they want a proxy battle in their war against the expansion of gaming.

How to Tell if You’re Being Breadcrumbed in a Relationship, Friendship or at Work – Amy Beecham

I’ve not heard this term before, but I’m going through this exact thing in a variety of relationships, and having a name for it helps to handle it.


Is Siren Head the Ultimate Modern Monster? | Monstrum

I love the embrace of modern monsters. It’s a good reminder that all mythology was current at some point, and doesn’t necessarily imply that people truly thought of stories as real things that really happened. Well, some people anyway.

How Mountains Inspire Mythology | Fate & Fabled

Again, stories don’t mean that people really believe them, but isn’t it more interesting to think that a nearby mountain that sometimes spews angry smoke and lava is a sleeping giant?

Mario and Luigi are Clones

North of the Border has gotten better and better with his sculpting and painting over time. This is such a cool and creepy build.

Accessibility in Video Games

What does accessibility mean? A lot of things it turns ou! And in this case, it means actually having access to old games that are no longer sold by the publishers. Something that most publishers are adamantly against.


♥ GOJII ♥ – DESIIRE (from upcoming EP out 08/26)

Just vibin

A 19 year old activist just embarrassed Matt Gaetz while raising millions for abortion rights! – There Are No Girls on the Internet

Matt Gaetz is doing his poor Jerry Seinfeld impression, and disgustingly, even with everything we know about him and that he straight up admits about himself, he’ll surely get re-elected.

We Need to Talk About Meme Culture – Digital Void

This is a great conversation that I want to highlight. Meme culture is more than just sharing funny ideas. It’s building up mindsets, and being able to fly under the radar because dangerous, extremist content is seen in little bits and pieces as not worthy for moderation by platforms.

the ultimate redo – Queersplaining

Queersplaining is back!! This conversation with Gavin Grimm and Kyle Lukoff is about their newly released children’s book about Gavin’s story fighting for gender equality.

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