My first in-person con in three and a half years 🤯

I’m leaving for WordCamp US later this morning, and I’ll be back in a week. I’m going for the Community Summit, Contributor Day, and the two day event at the end of the week. So it’ll be a busy week!

I’ll take notes where I can, since I’ll be doing some blogging for SiteGround about my experiences as an organizer. I am hoping that the trip is restful and rejuvenating. But also somehow balancing that with having it serve my business and personal creative needs. I’m not great at networking, but I’m going to try to get back into in-person events in a more focused way.

Enjoy your week yall, and if you happen to be going to WCUS as well, please say hi to me!


I’m a Trans Man. I Didn’t Realize How Broken Men Are – James Barnes, Newsweek

It’s unfortunate how toxic masculinity hurts everyone, men included. And yet it’s still held up as a standard of American Manhood, even as a scam.

The Secret Life of the 500+ Cables That Run the Internet – Stephen Shankland, CNET

I read this the day before the Johnny Harris video below. I guess undersea cables are having a moment.


Submarine Cables and the Rise of Mass Surveillance

Maybe the moment is being concerned with geopolitics. It does feel a bit disingenuous to be mad about multiple cables though, especially ones that connect via different places. Isn’t that literally what the internet is based on?

Workers Are About To Get Way More Power. Here’s How.

Spoiler: things that used to be the law but were gotten rid of thanks to special interest, not through disinterest by the average worker.

Tangi Virus & Oracle Project – Existential Analog Horror

I like watching analyses of analog horror series, and this one has to be one of the most interesting that I’ve seen lately.

Scott Pilgrim | Official Teaser | Netflix

I am excited to see an Edgar Wright produced animated version of the story with the original film voice cast.


In The Garden, By The Weeds – Josaleigh Pollett

I heard this album on a stream recently and it gave me strong St. Vincent vibes. I looked up the artist and have had this stuck in my head this week.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Baby in ‘Second Life’ – 2 Girls 1 Podcast

I love the Second Life series going on in the 2 Girls 1 Podcast universe. It’s been years since I’ve used it, but I am glad to know that a thriving community still exists.

The Road to Speaking at WCUS (feat. Femi Lewis and Maestro Stevens) – Underrepresented in Tech

I love how diverse the speaker list is, including how few speakers I’ve heard of before. I’m looking for new perspectives!

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