my head would explode, and then you would have to deal with that.

I like to go out into the woods and take out my wallet

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So last week I took an unexpected break. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of everything, and on Thursday I decided to take it easy on myself by canceling a few non-essential weekly commitments, such as game streaming night and this newsletter.

I’m back baybeeee! The week has still had a lot going on, but more manageable. How are yall holding up lately? Just got word today that I should be eligible for the vaccine in a week and a half without having to hunt around for excess shots, which is about a month sooner than I could have hoped before.

I don’t think that things will “go back to normal” since they’ve pretty obviously and dramatically changed. I also don’t think that this will be the new normal, as lots of people clearly don’t want it to be that way. But there are things that I do want, like a continued focus on mutual aid and on caring more for one another than an everyone for themselves mentality.

What’s something that you want to stay the same from the pandemic times? What about something that you’d prefer to return to beforehand? I really appreciate the responses that I get from newsletters, letting me know that folks are on the other end of these missives and link shares.

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Sasha Fletcher in Powder Keg Magazine

Got this from the most recent gen yeet newsletter. These are some heavy hitters, and I’m glad that I got to read (and listen to!) these poems. At least try the final poem, “Are You Kidding Me”. (this is where the email subject line came from btw)

Archivists are trying to chronicle Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ unforgettable first year – Jay Castello, The Verge

ACNH hit its one year anniversary last weekend. I haven’t played in a while but I can definitely see it as a game that is uniquely defined by the era in which it came out.

Tamagotchi Girlfriend & The Future of Retrofuturism – Colin Broadmoor, Blood Knife

The future of retrofuturism sounds like an oxymoron or something. But it’s only going to become more popular as folks yearn for a time when tech was tactile, physical, and something separate of every facet of our lives.

Police warn students to avoid science website – Sean Coughlan, BBC

City of London police say don’t use Sci-Hub. Anyone who is looking for scholarly articles, even if they have institutional access to paid research libraries should be using Sci-Hub. We shouldn’t have to wait for someone to put together an open access research tool and have companies legally fight them to have access to publicly funded research. Don’t listen to the intellectual property police. Use Sci-Hub.

3.9 million years – Terry Nguyen and Brian Resnick, Vox

That’s the estimate in number of life years lost to the pandemic so far. These stories from families of folks who have died due to COVID-19 put a human face on an unfathomable tragedy.

Free software advocates seek removal of Richard Stallman and entire FSF board – Jon Brodkin, ars Technica

I’m a former FSF associate member who cancelled my membership amid the controversy with RMS and the refusal of the board to act. I signed the open letter which as of writing has over 2,000 cosigners and growing. This is more of that “great man” bullshit that says that someone who was around first due to institutional advantages deserves a place of recognition because clearly he can do things that no other could also do while not being an asshole.

Also don’t be the asshole who scrapes email addresses to send threats to people who signed the letter.

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Why Google Doesn’t Want You to Say You “Googled Something”

I never thought about companies not wanting their names to become the common name of an object.

A Message From the Skype CEO

The CEO of Skype does want you to keep verbing their name. Or at least using their product

The Unexpected Origins of the Word ‘Monster’ (feat. Dr. Z) | Otherwords

Linguistics is something that I used to be really into and haven’t studied since college. But it’s still interesting hearing little tidbits like how the words monster and money are likely related. Makes sense to me.

Origin of Endless IKEA… | SCP-3008 (SCP Animated Movie)

Sometimes I’m in IKEA and it feels endless. I do like these SCP animated videos and have finally subscribed.

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internet drama part 5: 15,000 pound horse 🐴

New internet drama drop!

i’m a princess

New bill wurtz drop too!

Our Lady Peace – In Repair – 2020 Acoustic Performance

Ok, so Our Lady Peace was one of my favorite bands from middle school to college. I didn’t realize that they had some new albums out since then, nor did I know that they did an acoustic set of their full 2000 album, Spiritual Machines, for the 20th anniversary.

I really enjoy that they clearly put some thought into the arrangements, and didn’t just play the album the same way but with acoustic instruments. Also good tracks: Middle of Yesterday and Right Behind You (Mafia).


Gojii is playing two shows this weekend and I’m psyched for them! Enjoy their new single and pick up their tracks on Bandcamp.

🌱 Chillhop Essentials · Spring 2021 [instrumental beats compilation]

This channel has some of the best music for me to work to without getting distracted. At least by the music. I’ll let everything else in life distract me.

Share the stuff that you liked this week. See yall in a week and stay safe! 💝

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