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I’m doing a 366 Day Challenge, and am 178 days in! You can follow along on my PixelFed account.

This evening I’m speaking remotely at WordCamp Denver 2020. I’ll be talking about building your first WordPress plugin. I speak at 6:20PM EDT, and the entire event is being streamed live on YouTube, along with live captioning and a way to ask questions.

Earlier this week I wanted to have pride flags rendered in CSS, just to do it. I didn’t see them done anywhere else, so I decided to do so myself! This is a work in progress, with a few more flags to come a, better layout, and an introduction to the project. I think it’d be cool to have a button next to each flag to show how easily it would render a background for a website, to give an idea of the usefulness of the code snippets included.

Without further interruption, this week’s reading, and watching suggestions. It’s a bit light this week because honestly I haven’t encountered quite as much that I want to share


Privacy Empathy and the Zero-Sum Game – Chris Wiegman

I’ve had conversations like this with Chris in the past, as well as with others involved in tech. There really are people who think that there is one way to do technology, and any other way is both irrelevant and wrong.

Not only is privacy not the same as security but security, in particular, is not easy. Secure tech is not a destination but a journey and many don’t have the bandwidth to pursue it.

I’m glad that Chris wrote his ideas down as a blog post. I was also surprised when he told me how many responses that he got via email, and how he gets responses via email almost daily on blog posts now, far more comments than he ever got when he had those enabled on his blog. Perhaps that’s something that I should look into for fostering conversation?

Women Once Ruled the Computer World. When Did Silicon Valley Become Brotopia? – Emily Chang, Bloomberg Businessweek

If you choose to look at one pool of people (men) to determine what makes a good programmer, it’s no surprise that you’ll think that being a good programmer requires being male.

“there’s a wealth of evidence to suggest that if you set out to hire antisocial nerds, you’ll wind up hiring a lot more men than women.”

Likewise, a consultant telling hiring firms what you think the psychology of a good hire is, it’s no surprise that they’ll continue to hire in that direction, creating a vicious cycle of a broken industry.


Portal – The Sound Of Science

Last week I played through the original Portal, which if you are already familiar with gameplay can be done in under an hour. That sent me down a trail of videos about the game, and this music video is one of the best song parodies I’ve seen.

Sci-Fi Short Film: “The Atlas of False Desires” | DUST

This doesn’t seem like a sci-fi movie as much as a lived reality where social media and astroturfers can shape culture and move markets. Take out a couple of the visuals and this is just a compiled news clip on the control that technology has on our lives.

Who Is Responsible For Climate Change? – Who Needs To Fix It?

This video covers a lot of stats around carbon emissions around the world throughout history. The ultimate point: pointing fingers can only go so far. We are all responsible at this point.

Ranking walking simulators by how good the walking is

I’ve played or want to play all of the games mentioned in this video. Turns out I’m a big fan of walking simulators. I’m going to start streaming a few as I play through them on my Twitch channel when I’ve got our gaming PC fixed, so join me for the fun!

KK Slider – Blinding Lights (The Weeknd)

More music from the rock star doggo of Animal Crossing

Stay safe in there. I love you ๐Ÿ’

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