Pride is over. Time for wrath.

That’s right, Pride Month is over, and Wrath Month has begun!

Today in the US we’re gonna have a lot of American Pride going on, a situation that has not always had the best cachet, but has lost even more in the past few years, and a ton in just the past few weeks. Expect to see people waving their version of a pride flag, and remember what they do when they see ours.

I honestly don’t know what to do with all of the local and national news that is just constantly washing over me. Admittedly I block a lot of it out. I try to find a few sources that I can stand, and read things on my own time without spiraling down.

I am not fully off of social media, but the more that I’ve been away from the mainstream platforms, the more I wonder why we make the tradeoffs that we do for them. I’m always told that for the average American Facebook user under the age of 40, it’s the place that can help you keep track of events and birthdays and stuff. But shared calendars already exist, and we could do all of that without another app with just a bit of curation. Why do we subject ourselves to such crap?

Instead I’m filling my time with more positive things to outweigh all of the anxiety attacks and depressive episodes and self flagellation that have become my life over the past few months. Board game time with friends, including new games and new friends. New cartoons and old shows. Check out Dead End: Paranormal Park on Netflix! We just started it but there’s already plenty of trans and autistic joy and representation and I’ve fallen in love with it immediately.

Now’s my ask: share with me something that has brought joy to you recently, however big or small. It’s a rough world out there, but we only make it better together 💝

tweet from @aperiplatypus that reads, "I really don’t know what to say about my hotel room view". Attached to the tweet is two pictures of a hotel window from the inside. One shows a giant Minions movie ad on the side of a building, and the other shows that the single eye of the minion is staring right into the hotel window.


Contempt Culture – aurynn shaw

This is an old post, but it is still relevant today.

Where to Turn When You Feel ‘at Odds With Being Human’ – Alana Mohamed, The Atlantic

While I can’t say that I relate much to fish, I can definitely relate to the idea of not feeling human. And I am not just referring to the fact that I am puppy 🐶

New Zealand’s government classifies the Proud Boys as a terrorist organization – Ayana Archie, NPR

Alright America, step up. Shouldn’t be too hard to do this.

Google’s ‘Sentient’ Chatbot Is Our Self-Deceiving Future – Ian Bogost, The Atlantic

It’s not just that AI will deceive us, but many of us specifically want to be deceived. And why not? anthropomorphizing other beings will at least make us treat them slightly less crappy.

tweet from @m68kadse that reads
"biological women" implies the existence of chemical, nuclear, psychological, conventional and guerrilla women


The Real Villain of Resident Evil 4 VR is Meta

I would be a lot more interested in VR if the entry level devices weren’t created by an alt-right libertarian fascist, and owned by a company that wants to so deeply intertwine them together that it’s reoriented billions of dollars towards it.

The Twisted Business of Death: The Funeral Industry | Corporate Casket

I really need to have my will state clearly how little I want to spend on my body after death. Donate as many parts as you can. Do ridiculous stunts with the rest.

Hawkeye in Wii Sports Archery

This video is 45 seconds long and I laughed too much because I am a monster.


Jurassic Park 12: It’s Dino time!

Tom Cardy is a treasure that we don’t deserve.

Zelda Ocarina of Time – MASSIVE MEDLEY! – Super Guitar Bros

I’m going to see Ninja Sex Party acoustic in a few months, and Super Guitar Bros will be playing the music!

The Pathless | Meditations – Full album by Austin Wintory

Almost any Austin Wintory album is perfect for just vibing

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