Pride is still joined by Wrath this week

I’m trying to turn to education of myself to help educate others.

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Today, 12 June, is the four year anniversary of the Pulse massacre in Orlando. There are protests for equality that are desperately needed going on all over the world right now. I don’t want to take away from those, but I do want to remember those who have been lost, while reminding everyone that pride was as a riot.

So I mentioned some deskercises last week because I’ve been having painful neckaches and headaches. They haven’t gone away fully but have lessened a great deal. I’ve been able to exercise a bit beyond walking again. I have started doing the 7-Minute Workout from a video in front of my desk. Now I just need a chair that I feel safe stepping up and down on. And some empty wall space to lean against ๐Ÿ˜‚

If you haven’t seen the Itch Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, you should check it out. By the time you reach this they will have hit their $5million goal, which is astounding. When I bought it there were about 700 items included. At this point it is over 1600 games, comics, books, game assets, and more for pay what you want of at least $5. I will have enough to go through for a long, long time.

And now, this week’s listening, reading, and watching suggestions.


I picked up some albums on BandCamp for Artist Friday last week. If you missed that sale where BandCamp takes no fees, wait until next Friday where they’ll be donating their fees to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund for Juneteenth.

I need to adjust my music listening to include more indigenous and black artists. If you have any to suggest, I love trying new music. Here’s what I picked up last week:

sawtooth sounds by inkkly

ๆ–ฐใ—ใ„ๆ—ฅใฎ่ช•็”Ÿ by 2814

Chillhop Essentials Summer 2020 by Chillhop Music


Ember by Kubbi

Steel & Poison by RedScorpio4


I’ve been spending more of my week educating myself about black history in America around policing. I’ll be honest: I’ve never been a fan of American policing. There are so many problems that I don’t want to try listing them all here.

I do think that the push to defund the police and to abolish prisons is the right move forward if we want to become a more equitable, compassionate society. Like last week I’m going to list several articles that challenged or taught me this week, without additional commentary.

“It Changes Who Has the Power”: How Bail Funds Across the Country Are Responding to Protests – Alyssa Bereznak, The Ringer

Alternatives to the police – Evan Dent, Molly Korab, and Farid Rener, McGill Daily

Abolish the police? Organizers say it’s less crazy than it sounds. – Maya Dukmasova, Chicago Reader

What the Prison-Abolition Movement Wants – Kim Kelly, Teen Vogue

Stop kidding yourself: the police were created to control working class and poor people – Sam Mitrani

It Really Is Different This Time – Politico

Forget “Looting.” Capitalism Is the Real Robbery. – Scott Olson, Truthout

Letter From a Birmingham Jail – Martin Luther King Jr.


I got the above infographic from Robin Sloan’s newsletter, where he called it “a grand unified theory of social media information flow”, which sounds like a pretty good description to me. Check out the full Instagram story for more info about the graphic and how it represents content flow on social platforms.

Typology of Lego Computers

Typology of Lego Computers. Photo by Present & Correct


How To Cover These Police Riots – SOME MORE NEWS

Watch this video from start to finish if you have a problem with protests turning to riots. Watch the montage of police brutality videos just from the protests over the last week and try to understand why so many of us are so angry.

How Can We Win – david Jones Media

If you watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, you may have seen him end this week’s emotional show with a clip from a video describing grievances over policing and protests. I suggest watching the video in full.

They are lucky that what black people are looking for is equality and not revenge.

– Kimberly Jones

Marsha P. Johnson Sparks the Stonewall Riots – Drunk History

For a reminder of why Pride Month is in June (pride was a riot!) and how courageous individuals can start movements, here’s a humorous retelling of the Stonewall Riots.

Turning a 2D Pokemon Famous Paper Scene into a beautiful 3D Diorama Cube Papercraft Fanart

Finally, something just cute. This was the first game that I owned when I got a Gameboy Color as a kid, and I fell in love with the series.  I might make one of these myself!

Stay safe. We will win together ๐Ÿ’

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