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Oop, a bit late this week, sorry! But the positive is that I was more distracted with spending time with partners and friends 🥰

I have a bit more travel coming up this year, which I’m excited to try doing a bit of recording during. Because I can’t not be producing something at all times it seems.

The biggest challenge that I’ve had personally this week, and let’s be often frequently, is that I don’t know what to focus on and end up either jumping around too much, or freezing up with analysis paralysis. Thanks ADHD!

I have been working on a few coding projects for fun this week, and the past few weeks, including:

  • A WordPress block to display filterable portfolio/project pages, for personal use
  • A WordPress plugin for digital gardens (yes still!)
  • A browser extension to make curating content for this newsletter even easier in the future
  • Lesson outlines for my new coding channel which is coming one day still, I swear
  • A ✨secret✨ project that may or may not happen period, but I’m thinking on

I also have gotten back to physical crafting! This week’s vlog is about calibrating my 3D printer, laser engraver, and Cricut machine to make stickers.

See yall in a week or two, and Happy Thanksgiving US friends! Happy normal day all of my other wonderful friends here! 💝


Andreessen Horowitz is not at all ‘techno-optimistic’ about this particular AI scenario – Kali Hays, Business Insider

I mean, it’s not like AH cares about the ethics of the AI companies that they invest in.

Omegle was a relic of the old internet. I’m not sad it’s gone. – Katie Notopoulos, Business Insider

The old internet might have been weird and fun, but it was still used for abuse just as much as the current internet is.

‘Denial of pleasure’ attack: FlipperZero targets adult toys – Paulina Okunytė, cybernews

It’s obviously something that can happen, but it still makes me giggle thinking of taking over a sex toy. Who knows, they may end up finding a new kink 😅

A Coder Considers the Waning Days of the Craft – James Somer, The New Yorker

I don’t talk about AI much, but I admittedly have tried a few tools recently and they are both impressive and a little scary when they do work.


How a 16-Year-Old Hacked the CIA – Visual Venture

This may be a decade old story, but internet security hasn’t gotten much better, has it?

The Weirdest Language Of All Time Is FINALLY Being Deciphered – Joe Scott

Quipu is so cool! I want more tactile languages

Someone stop him – Furry Animation – Lucyon

Glad they are uploading from Twitter to YouTube now, since this was probably my favorite of this artist 🤣

Top 20 Sci-Fi Movies That Will Become Classics – WatchMojo

I’m at 17/20 on this list, and partly watched another. May as well finish it off I guess!


Why Was Puerto Rico’s Lottery Leaking Millions of Dollars a Month? 💸 – Darknet Diaries

Surprise, the corruption was coming from inside the house!

4.5 Billion Years in 1 Hour – Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

This may be a video, with voiceover and stuff, but it is the hour of soundscape that really slaps. I’m gonna vibe to this in the background while coding.

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