procrastination: guilt or shame?

I find it hard to balance wanting to complete to-do lists that I make for myself and feeling accomplished, and knowing that it’s unhealthy to let productivity take over my thoughts.

I think that I’ve got a balance there at times, and then I have days like Wednesday where I start out promising to finish off my current list once and for all, then spend the day so fatigued that I barely get online.

I’ve been discussing with my therapist about sorting my feelings of guilt and/or shame about things that I do into manufactured or natural emotions. And what should be unsurprising, guilt over “not getting enough done” is often just a manufactured emotion.

I don’t know. No groundbreaking thoughts here. I’ve just been trying to work through this in my own mind.

Instead, take a look at some of the recent minis that I’ve painted! I’ve been taking existing characters and painting them like fursonas for something interesting.


Into the Myst – Adam Morgan, Inverse

I was a bit young when Myst came out and have never played it myself. Either way, a behind-the-scenes chat about the creation of classic games is always interesting to me.

Influencer Parents and The Kids Who Had Their Childhood Made Into Content – Fortesa Latifi, TeenVogue

We’re getting to the point where early child influencers online are becoming adults. Do they get to control the legacies that their parents have constructed around them, or are they doomed to be defined by public personae that were crafted without their ability to consent?

YouTuber Shot After Trying To Prank Man In A Mall – Levi Winslow, Kotaku

Honestly surprised that this doesn’t happen more often. Especially when it’s clear the type of “pranks” being done


Inside the eBay stalking scandal: How a couple became the target of harassment | 60 Minutes

Not a new story, but just seeing how deep it goes and how much some employees at eBay really really disliked this couple is so bizarre.

A Fox in Space – Episode Two – “Fixing a Hole” [4K]

It’s been six years since episode one was posted, and A Fox in Space is still doing something unique with an 80’s style of animation and vibes, creating a backstory for Star Fox 64, and viewing the characters in a new light.


This has been a long time coming too, and fairly well brings the first few issues of this webcomic to animated life. The only complaint that I have is Freckles not sounding like he did in my head while reading ๐Ÿ˜น

Why Clip Art Was Everywhere… Until It Wasn’t

Sure, there’s the new Corporate Art Style of formless blobs and diverse body shapes/tones/styles, but there’s just a bit of that classic block-printing style missing from cheesy art these days



I feel like I have new GOJII music to share every week, and that’s not a bad thing!

catching up with Laser – Queersplaining

I love the conversational approach that Callie Wright takes in some episodes. I want more of these things with trans creators talking about their wins and journeys of ongoing self discovery.

Steve Irwin – Respect the Dead

When I saw who this week’s episode was about, I was worried that I was going to find out terrible things about a wonderful man. Thankfully I was wrong and it was one of the episodes where they match the podcast title.

Macroblank – ใ‚นโ€‹ใƒญโ€‹ใƒผ JAMS

This was really good to vibe to while writing this week, and it’s got the good bits of lo-fi that I like without that incorrect idea that it necessarily requires a very prominent click-track.

Don’t Tell Your WIFE About This Game!

Because she wouldn’t want to play it and would think that you are dumb for playing it too ๐Ÿคฃ

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