Puppy Face Masks. Never Worn.

crafting to keep myself busy during the somehow both long and short weeks at home

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Are you doing alright, either sheltering at home or having to continue working out in public right now? I realize that this newsletter has been a bit slow lately, and there isn’t much interaction. If you have anything that you want to talk about regarding your work and life situation, reply to this email! Maybe we could make it more of a dialogue that way for next week.

I’ve been finding ways to keep busy, including learning to sew face masks. I already had lots of paw print and puppy fabric, as well as elastic and everything else needed. We don’t yet have a mask requirement in Orange County, but the county just South of us did, so just in case! Plus, I get to mail some to friends who probably need them more.

Here’s a selection of the things that I read and watched this week. Enjoy this weekend!


Normal wasn’t okay. – Kye Fox – There are a lot of things that I hope become permanent changes after we start to resume some of the life that we abandoned in quarantine.

Lockdown was supposed to be an introvert’s paradise. It’s not. – Abby Ohlheiser, Technology Review – I admit, I’ve enjoyed leaving behind a lot of commitments that I never really wanted in the first place. But I understand how stir crazy people get when we’re all stuck in close proximity for weeks and weeks with no end in sight.

Queer Under Coronavirus: I’m Home From College, Navigating Being Queer in a Small Town – James Factora, them. – them. has been doing a series entitled Queer Under Coronavirus, with stories that are personal accounts of readers, as opposed to thought pieces by regular columnists. I encourage giving the series overall a read.

The Virus Changed the Way We Internet – Ella Koeze and Nathaniel Popper, NYT – If you’re online as much as I am, you’ve probably noticed certain services slowing down or becoming unusable more frequently than in the past.

Covid-19 Can’t Stop People From Looking for Love (or Hookups) – Emma Grey Ellis, Wired – Big surprise, dating apps report almost no drop in users, at least in the US. The European market seems to be understanding that there’s a time to take a break, and this is it.


I’ve been *kinda* trying to limit my YouTube viewing lately. It hasn’t been going perfectly, but based on the number of videos in my history this week, it seems to be working.

We did wrap (or are about to wrap) a few shows that we watch at home. I’m not looking to replace them with new shows, since the television is far too distracting for me after all day on screens already. That said, I’d recommend all of the shows that we wrapped this week, including “Future Man” and “Devs” on Hulu, and “Mr Robot” on USA.

If Google Was a Guy: Quarantine Edition – I loved these College Humor videos when they made them, and I’m glad that they brought it back in animated form as a PSA of sorts. Even if the woman asking, “How to feel normal?” made me want to cry.

NOOK LINE & SINKER | Animal Crossing: New Horizons Song! – Have you been enjoying Animal Crossing? Tim has been mainly playing my file, and our island is coming together rather well!

Owl City – Fireflies But It’s Eye of the Tiger By Survivor – The stuff of mashup dreams

That’s it for this week. Everyone stay safe and healthy out there ๐Ÿ’

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