Rocked me like a hurricane

Oh look, another week where I am late with my self-imposed publish goal. At least I’ve got a few excuses this time!

While we were pretty near the center of Hurricane Ian last week, we were very lucky, with minimal damage to our home. Our main issue is that our air conditioner is now broken, with a fried part that we are waiting on a replacement for. This has made the house a bit hotter and more humid than we like, though we lucked out again that unlike last hurricane we have power and the outside temperature is more pleasant.

In positive news, we had a wonderful evening earlier this week celebrating my husband’s birthday, and then last night we got to go to a Ninja Sex Party concert! I’m glad that the band asked people to wear masks (like half complied), and for my first show back since the pandemic started, it was a really great one. It made me feel closer to those around me and was entertaining. Everything that I could want 🥰

don’t worry, we were given permission to record this part


Let Puerto Rico Be Free – Jaquira Díaz, The Atlantic

I used to be in favor of Puerto Rican statehood, or at least anything other than the status quo. Now I’m firmly on team independence and reparations.

Stone Skipping Is a Lost Art. Kurt Steiner Wants the World to Find It. – Sean Williams, Outside

I’m a sucker for these deep dives that are ostensibly about one thing, then end up being about a person with a deep commitment to their obsession.

New York judge rules in favor of polyamorous relationships – Greg Owen, LGBTQ Nation

I’m in a polyamorous relationship. I do feel that it’s going to be one of the next big legal and cultural battles when it comes to letting people live their dang lives in love.

A picture of a black cat leaping out of a Puma bag, showing the cat in a similar position to the logo on the bag. Text in the image reads, "The prophecy has been fulfilled"


The Death Tunnel of Waverly Hills Sanatorium • Ghost Files

Ghost Files is back! They also did Alcatraz

Why Are Furries Misunderstood?

Like other queer and polyamory things, I’ve hidden furry interests most of my life because people can be pretty hateful over nothing. Let people live!

Contrepreneurs: The Mikkelsen Twins

Folding Ideas does great videos, and this one does not disappoint in showcasing scammers online.

Literally No One Likes a Grammar Cop | Otherwords

If people use language, it is how it is used.

A terrible guide to the terrible terminology of U.S. Health Insurance

Not the BDG video I expected to get, but the BDG video that we deserve.

Willy Wonka: Capitalism for Kids!

Heck, I feel like Zoe Bee didn’t even go far enough in pointing out some of the bad takes from this property.


Party Dog (Music Video) – Tom Cardy

I’m both the party dog, and the person who wants to just pet the dog alone at the party.

What’s Happening in Iran and Why? with Reza Aslan – Factually! with Adam Conover

This sounds like a good primer for people like me who only know bits and pieces of what’s gone on and is going on with Iran right now.

Ed Sheeran, Pokémon – Celestial [Official Video]

I dunno what’s going on here tbh, but I do like Pokémon.

Michael Jackson – Thriller (Official Video)

It’s spoopy season, so This is Thriller!!

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