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I don’t really have much to report this week. I’ve gotten back into the flow of writing some code for a new WordPress project. I’ve started building a new version of the FixUpFox website so that I can prepare for a new set of processes and client onboarding. I’ve got designing a new personal site on my todo list.

I’ll keep it short then, and just leave you with one question: do you have any personal projects that you are working on that you want to share? How about anything that you’d want me to share with others here?

tweet from @RianSygh that reads, "Here’s a weird one, a comic made in part with Dall-E Mini 🧵1/9". The tweet includes images as part of a comic.
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BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club, the highest market cap NFT) is racist. [NFT racism] – Fredrick Brennan

When the creator of 8chan is calling you out for racism, it’s official that you are pretty racist.

Gender Dysphoria: When Anti-fat Medical Bias Makes Top Surgery Inaccessible – ComfyFat

What could the world look like if we didn’t need surgery to be seen as we are? How about the quality of our lives without the pressure to adhere to binaries? What if breasts were not an indication of a certain gender? There are men with large chests and women without. I have quit chasing euro-centric beauty standards of thinness. It’s exhausting. That life made me feel caged and unwell. Chasing the gender binary is a trap. I want liberation from that cage as well. I don’t fit into that box and I’m sick of fighting myself about it!

Inside a radical new project to democratize AI – Melissa Heikkilä, MIT Technology Review

I’m very interested in seeing what can be done with Bloom as a language model. Preferably not inventing new ways to be exclusionary, but I ask too much.


This is Not a Conspiracy Theory Ep. 1 (2020)

Now that five episodes have been posted, I want to share this series from Kirby Ferguson, the creator of “This is not a Remix”. He’s good at surfacing interesting clips to draw compelling narratives.

Our most important video ever – Tier List: Hottest Mascots

I can’t believe that Game Grumps has been going on for ten years now. Or that Tony the Tiger didn’t make S-Tier.

Backpage: The Death of The Internet’s Backdoor Access | Corporate Casket

I’m in no way going to say that Backpage was perfect or working in good faith. I will say that laws that continually push criminalization of sex work are detrimental to pretty much everybody in society, even those who do not utilize those services.

This Toy illegally Spied on 6.4 Million Children

It’s pretty impressive how badly VTech screwed up. It’s not surprising how much attention is turned to punishing the coder who discovered the vulnerability and reported it with zero expectation of pay to get it fixed.


“I’ve been living my life out of order” Creepypasta | Scary Stories from The Internet

I can’t fathom trying to live my life skipping backwards and forwards in time. Would that even be possible to handle, mentally?

Flirt (with your Dad)

get your driver’s license

Governing Trans Identity with Paisley Currah – Factually! with Adam Conover

I agree with Paisley: moving past getting governments to allow things other than M/F on official documents, why don’t we just remove those fields altogether? They really don’t have reason to exist in most cases.

Summer Nights 🌇 [upbeat lofi / instrumental beats mix]

Something to chill with in the background during the day

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