Slowing down is good for you

I’ve had a lot of distractions the past two weeks that have kept me from writing some of the things that I’ve had in mind. For instance, I have an outline sketched of a longer blog post on Kiwi Farms and Cloudflare and the infrastructure of the internet.

A variety of last minute trips (fun at least!) and a lot of fatigue has kept me from finishing a newsletter in that time. I’m working on being ok with letting things set for a while though. That includes not putting out writing if I’m not really feeling it yet.

I recently discovered SICK magazine, a literary annual by and for sick and disabled people. Reading an AIGA interview with one of the founders made me think more on making life fit you, as opposed to you fitting an idea of what your life is supposed to be.

Take your time. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that people are expecting more of you than of themselves. We’re all worried that others will be upset with us for things that we aren’t upset with from them. Giving yourself space also gives permission for others to take space for themselves.

tweet from @mewvore that reads, "I know raid shadow legends is bad because Ive never seen porn of any of the characters"


How Disinformation Is A New Kind Of Horror Fiction – Joe Ondrak, Logically

Creepypasta is generally intended to serve the purpose of scaring with a veneer of reality but a distinct unreality. What happens when the unreality is stripped away for nefarious ends?

✍️ Operating ✍️ at ✍️ the ✍️ speed ✍️ of ✍️ digital ✍️ communication ✍️

This one is almost like an ad for gboard, but it’s still an interesting teardown of an emoji concept. Jennifer also posted about emoticons yesterday.

Down With the Dick Pic – Enzo Escober, Slate

Yeah, very fair. Especially if you send them to me as the opener of a (lack of) conversation.

Trans Activists Left Over 60 Bottles of Piss Outside the EHRC – Zing Tsjeng, Vice

If they knew that the queen was going to die later that day, would they have saved their piss?

Tweet from @decafdana that reads, "curators are like “i know a spot” and then take you to the intersection of art and technology". This is followed by a reply tweet from @livviyallop that reads, "what if we kissed, at the intersection of art & technology"


Are These Four Games Helping Us Kill The Wilderness Myth?

Humans shape every landscape that we touch. It’s good to remember that, and not pretend that we can “reclaim” land because it isn’t being used “correctly”.

giving snakes there legs back.

This is more amusing of a premise and video than it should be 😂

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Excited for another mystery and for Janelle Monaé. I just wish that they’d find a way to put LaKeith Stanfield back.

Metamorphosis— Award winning animation short film (KazNUA 2021)

I find it interesting and a great change of pace to make the autistic child a human wearing an animal mask in a world of animals, as opposed to the other way around.


Heart Boner (Acoustic) – NSP

We’re gonna go see NSP acoustic in a few weeks!!

Cameron Esposito – I Weigh with Jameela Jamil

I’m new to this podcast, but I’m already a fan. So much queer love and mental health acceptance!

Kiwi Farms: The rise and fall of a hateful corner of the internet. – There Are No Girls on the Internet

I wanted to write a long thing about Kiwi Farms and Cloudflare, but it’s too long to think about here. Use this to catch up if you’ve missed the past month of this drama

The new Mars Volta album. I wasn’t expecting any new albums from them, saw some story about them potentially making new music months ago, then this just drops in my lap. It’s a different sound from them than I’m used to, but I still like it.

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