So who won the election? Let’s just get to the weekend.

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I started typing this newsletter up on Tuesday morning, wanting to get some before and after election thoughts out.

The election has passed, but as I’m sure everyone knows, a winner has not been decided at this point. It seems fairly confident that the win will go to Biden, but I know not to depend upon anything happening until after it’s happened.

Cartoon Network tweet of a commercial with the caption,

At the end of this video, Garnet’s wink was definitely suggesting that those two boys end up getting married, right? HT to Lisa for this


 Using Game Design to Make Virtual Events More Social – Em Lazer-Walker,

This was a very cool read. It gave me a lot of good ideas on how virtual events could be run to make them more engaging. It also really makes me want to come up with a virtual event space. I always think that the best games allow you to low-touch connect with other people, and the Roguelike Conference this year seems to have pulled that off.

Music industry forces widely used journalist tool offline – Parker Higgins, Freedom of the Press Foundation

While the name, youtube-dl, makes it obvious as to the original intent, the scope of this command line tool has broadened immensely since creation. I envision a rebirth under a new name at some point. You can still download from their official website and lots of mirrors, though I wouldn’t repost it to GitHub since you might have your account closed.

What Kind of Sonnets Will Computers Write? – Katy Gero, Catapult

I love computational art. I remember this episode of Clarissa Explains It All, from probably 25 years ago now, where she uses her trusty game dev computer to write a poem for class that goes on to win an award. I honestly think that should not have been the ethical dilemma that it became for her, since she crafted the code herself.

Thinking back on that show, I’m amazed how unabashedly nerdy Clarissa was, and how cool it was that she worked through problems in her day-to-day via game development. I should find some episodes to watch…

Six Months, Three Days –  Charlie Jane Anders, TOR

After reading through her guide to writing during the apocalypse, Never Say You Can’t Survive, I decided to give some of Charlie Jane Anders short stories a try. Thankfully so many of them are up freely online. ‘Six Months, Three Days’ is a story about the collision of science and faith in a way, wrapped up in a romance.

tweet from Andrew Lloyd Webber that reads,

Who else heard all of The Black Parade when he played that single note?


Amy Coney Barrett | Philosophy Tube ft. LegalEagle

Philosophy Tube has been knocking it out of the park with productions lately. This was a great episode that taught me a lot that I didn’t know about our newest Supreme Court justice, as well as the term Originalism.

Among Us: Fresh Meat

This is pretty much exactly how games of Among Us go.

Modern Zombies: The Rebirth of the Undead | Monstrum

The final installment of the Monstrum series on zombies. You can go back and check out Part One and Part Two.

The only mechanic every game needs (is petting dogs)

I’ve been watching several friends play Hades, which looks too confusing for me to give it a go. I have new games to start already! But I am happy to see that one of Cerberus’ heads will let you pet him after you die.

Sci-Fi Short Film: “The Looking Planet” | DUST

A fun little reimagining of the birth of our solar system and the Moon in particular, and an ode to building passion in your work.

Hexagons are the Bestagons

Hexagons are good, ok?

It’s (still) a spoopy weekend. Safely celebrate with friends, and prepare for a hard week next week. ๐Ÿ’

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