Spring Forward, I’m Falling Back

Hope yall aren’t too tired from setting your clocks forward an hour today! Or you live somewhere that doesn’t have this unnecessary nonsense in the first place.

It’s a light one today because I’m still feeling constantly tired. My goal was to stop yawning by the time I hit send, but somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen πŸ₯±

tweet from @kendrawcandraw that reads, "Me watching some high fantasy shit: I would simply not be corrupted by the magical object. If it is actively harming you why don’t you just put it down. Idiot
Me receiving psychic damage 23 hours a day from my phone: Ouuughhhh oouuuuwwwwaaaaaa ooaaaaghuuuuuhhhowwgahhhhh guuuuuwah"


πŸ€” What comes after the social feed? – Sara Hendren and her students on feed alternatives, New Republic

Social media is ruled by feeds. I don’t know what’s going to be the best replacement, but I like the examination and focus on moving beyond the feed.

World-Wide Wandering Web – Shuya Gong, Somewhere Good

Maybe moving past the feed will be something like this, where we do more wandering and exploring, like the days of StumbleUpon. Does anyone here remember StumbleUpon?

Twitter and Tone Collapse in a Time of War – Delia Cai, Vanity Fair

One problem with the feed is how everything flattens out. Observational humor next to shots of warfare next to product ad next to scam donation link next to video game footage being passed off as war footage next to pet pictures.

Web3: Panacea or Poisoned Chalice – Morten Rand-Hendriksen

One thing that (hopefully) isn’t replacing the feed is whatever form of socialization based around blockchains that is being dreamed up on web3.


The Horrifying Panopticon of West Elm Caleb

I’ve been trolled online plenty of times, but it’s never been to the extent of any platform Main Character. With all of that feed speak above in the reading section, I imagine the type of viral destruction that happens right now will also fade away.

This Pro Blind Gamer Teaches Me to Play Mortal Kombat | Subcultured (AD)

Very impressive what people can do when given the opportunity and tools by game developers. Bake accessibility in from the start!

Where Did This Image Come From?

Warning: this is about Jeff the Killer. If you don’t know what that is before clicking, creepy face picture with eye contact.

I didn’t think much of the origins of that image or the creepypasta that would often accompany it, but the history is much older and more convoluted than I’d have suspected.

Pushing DIY to the EXTREME! (ft. Mrwhosetheboss!)

I think that maybe a reviewer doesn’t need to keep every single phone and tablet that they’ve reviewed just lying around, but I still think that this bookcase build is impressive.

tweet from @EagleKammback that reads, "In case you know, this is the logo for the Yellowstone International Film Festival (YIFF)". Below is a picture of the Yellowstone International Film Festival logo and some text about the event.


How AfterEllen.com Became a Safe Haven for the Early LGBTQ+ Online Community – 2 Girls 1 Podcast

I’d never heard of AfterEllen or AfterElton, but I do love me some old-school bulletin board communities!

Florence + The Machine – King

New Florence + The Machine videos all week!

Calm Steven Universe Songs To Love & Cry To || Ocean Ambience

The songs on this “kid’s” show were more memorable and deeper than they had any need to be.

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