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Last Friday, SiteGround published an article that I wrote for them: “Tools for Running a Successful Service Business Online“. You can also read it in Spanish on their other blog.

As usual, some of the things that I’ve read, watched, and listened to this week


Twitch Forces U.S. Army To Stop Tricking Viewers With Fake Giveaways – Nathan Grayson, Kotaku

Yeah, Twitch is finally handling the problem of the US Army scamming people to get them to recruiting pages. Oh, I’m sorry, you didn’t know that The US Military Is Using Online Gaming to Recruit Teens? Or that their Twitter account poster is a cosplayer with a firm grasp on internet culture?

Twitter screenshot from U.S. Army Esports that reads,

A New Map Shows the Inescapable Creep of Surveillance – Brian Barrett, Wired

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the University of Nevada, Reno created a map entitled, “The Atlas of Surveillance”, which you can visit at It’s very limited, as they note, but they are constantly adding to it. It’s already plenty depressing.

screenshot of atlas of surveillance

Sex Is Cool, But Have You Ever Seen Henry Cavill Build A Computer? – Cole Delbyck, Huffpost

Quarantine has accelerated the movement of Horny on Main that’s been slowly taking over the internet. I am here for this, since I think it is part of the larger movement of earnestness online replacing everything dripping in sarcasm and irony.

Tweet from Before Crew Go @anti_developmnt that reads,

Hackers Convinced Twitter Employee to Help Them Hijack Accounts – Joseph Cox, Motherboard

I wasn’t on last week to talk about the Twitter hack, but that was a trip, right? I also feel for my state house rep who finally got her blue checkmark the day before, only to be blocked from posting for a day with all of the other “important” people. Come to think of it, I’d like to see that pushed out for a few weeks or more and see what happens to discourse on Twitter.


It’s got that Droop Snoot.

Defining “Defunding The Police” – SOME MORE NEWS

Cody Johnston can come off a bit… loud sometimes. But he’s echoing some good points for reducing police presence throughout the country, and some ideas on how that could happen.

Waluigi vs Smash Bros BATTLE RAP Part 3

Sometimes these Mashed videos just work perfectly for me. I don’t care about having Waluigi in Smash, but I’m glad that he cares. Part 1 and Part 2 would make this make more sense I guess ๐Ÿ˜…

I’ve enjoyed the new Weeknd album mainly. The latest music video for “Snowchild” came out this week and I dig the animation vibe. The video for “Blinding Lights” is good too. But if you prefer a high pitched, nasal voice, you can listen to Carl Wheezer’s version of it instead.

Another week ends. Find your solace in the weekend. ๐Ÿ’

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