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Already missing out on getting my newsletters out weekly, oops! Blame some medical issues, which I’m getting taken care of.

Nothing major going on in my personal life. Slowly moving toward a new site and new personal projects, as always seems to be the case.

I’ve decided to try a new thing, which is to post the links that I put in my newsletter in a thread on my Mastodon account. We’ll see how that does to get the shares to more folks than read this newsletter.


How Shock Sites Shaped The Internet – Blake Hester, Vice

I remember far too many of these sites and reaction videos. It also makes sense that some of the major ones helped to shape views of objectionable speech online.

Survivors Suffer When Judges Misunderstand Social Media – Carly Lewis, Wired

“If judges aren’t able to properly understand and contextualize the evidence before them, what good is the court as an arbiter of justice?”

Eli Lilly Says It Will Cut the Price of Insulin – Christine Hauser, NYT

or, read differently as, “embattled pharmaceutical giant finally caves to pressure before the government gets its act together and forces them to”

You Are Not a Parrot – Elizabeth Weil, NY Mag

Most suggested article for me this week. We really are forcing ourselves to work around computers more than making them work around us.


The Real Hogwarts Legacy

Surprise, she’s a hypocrite!

How to Draw Mountains, Forests, Swamps and Cities for a Fantasy World Map!

I am working on a little creative map project, and I really liked this video as an educational resource.

Who Killed Animation?

Needing to pull in users in just a few episodes, and treating animation as a genre, not a medium.

The Surprising Centuries-old Origins of the Unicorn

I didn’t realize that the lore of these stabby headed horses (or other animals!) was so deep.


nonmonogamy and neurodiversity – Queersplaining

I’m picking up a copy of this book. It’s already been a joke among folks that I know for a while that neurodivergent people are able to work polyamory into their lives easier, and in my case I definitely agree.

The Attack on Trans Rights with Shelby Chestnut – Factually! with Adam Conover

I assume that conservatives do not care about trans people. I mean, beyond the obvious, wanting genocide of us not care. I mean that we are just a useful wedge for them right now to differentiate in an easy way and scare people into following and believing them. But also fuck right off with your genocide talk, assholes.

George Street Shitfest – Brain Vacation

A new single by a friend’s band. I like how they keep a lo-fi punk sound while still sounding polished enough that shows the care that they put into their music.

GOJII β™₯ x Cobalt Rabbit – TRUST

Yay new Cobalt Rabbit! I love the downtempo, sometimes sparse sometimes mixed up piano

Selector Hammms – amaPiano Mix Vol 10

Chill, funky piano music 🎼

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