The language to describe Pride

Pride Month is almost over, and I haven’t really discussed it here. I almost skipped writing a newsletter this week, and am a few days late, but wanted to put something out there with a few of my thoughts.

People who know me probably already know that I am gay. But that’s not really the whole story, nor was it ever really. I never had the “self-realization” moment that define a lot of coming out stories. I was a little boy when I knew that I liked other boys. I didn’t really question it, and there was never part of me that questioned.

Don’t get me wrong, others questioned me. All the time. I tried to hide it as much as I could, and I wonder now if that made the torment, the bullying, the pain lesser, or more than it otherwise would have been. I am in awe of younger queer folks who are out and proud at an age when I shamefully joined in on queer bashing to try to push the focus off of myself.

But there are other things that I did have to discover, some much later than others. I didn’t have the language for a lot of things, and think that this is where some fear, confusion, and even hate comes from. Not that any of it is acceptable, but there are some times that I can understand how my safety in being out and open can be of value for myself and others around me.

The pandemic was a breeding ground for self discovery, all puns intended. It’s also been a place for mental health problems to form or deepen, and the queer community is not exempt.

Now people who are so inclined are returning to gay bars, being around others in person. That’s not my thing for a few reasons, not least of all is my lack of drinking. I’ve also had body image issues for all of my life, and the gay community doesn’t really help with that. That goes double for the part of myself that isn’t white and dealing with the fetishization that goes hand-in-hand with body dysmorphia.

Anyway, I’ve been finding my own place, especially over the past year and a half with more time at home and with self-introspection. It turns out there’s a lot more here than I previous thought. And I’ve been finding ways to share myself with others, and learning more about them. I’m thankful that I have a very supportive group of folks around me to help make all of this possible. And now I can introduce myself to you again.

So hello. My name is david. I use he/they pronouns. I am gay, pansexual, polyamorous, and polyromantic. I have multiple partners of various gender identities, and love them all. I am maybe cis but haven’t figured that out fully yet. I might be a demiboy or nonbinary or agender. We’ll figure that out in time.

Above all, I am queer, and I am proud. I love and I am loved.

picture of david with painted pink nails, dyed pink hair, and holding a pink cherry blossom Starbucks cup while looking at the camera and smiling


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tweet by @fireh9lly that reads "what idiot called it crypto mining and not", with a quote retweet of a tweet that reads "graphics cards against humanity"


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Wanna share the stuff that you liked this week? See yall next week and stay safe! πŸ’