the passage of time in a time of passing

Last week, after deciding that it was time to euthanize one of our dogs who had been unexpectedly sick and in pain, I was lying in bed staring up at the ceiling, wondering how I’d missed it.

As I kept staring, I got a sense that the blades of our ceiling fans were slowing down the longer that I looked at them. Part of my mind began wondering if the constant focus that I was giving was in fact leading to a slowdown of time itself.

The temporality of the moment eventually broke, and I got up to return to work. The temporal needs of the house and my clients outweighed an extended zone-out.

I didn’t know if what I was doing was right, but I felt that it was. My decision was irreversible, but necessary. Thinking about it now, I just hope that I can continue to make necessary and right decisions. To not do so risks too much.

a lab pit mix dog lying down on a couch seat, perched on an IKEA Blåhaj shark
In loving memory of Redick, 2012-2022


When we start thinking of online dating as dating that happens online, instead of as dating that happens on apps and websites specifically designed for heteronormative courtship, our sense of scale shifts with it.

Michelle Santiago Cortés, Online Dating, Without the Apps

Online Dating, Without the Apps – Michelle Santiago Cortés, The Cut

As someone who has always found the culture of dating apps a bit abhorrent, I’m interested in seeing more people connect via other methods. Dating apps are basically communal social media without the community or the social bonding.

It’s All So … Premiocre – Amanda Mull, The Atlantic

Amanda Mull has a great series on The Atlantic about consumer culture. Pair this with her articles on “free” shipping, free returns, and abundance and the supply chain.

Utopian for Beginners – Joshua Foer, The New Yorker

The thought of something that I spend my life creating being used for white supremacist propaganda makes me hesitant to create at all.

Disney is developing planned communities for fans who never want to leave its clutches – James Vincent, The Verge

This is not surprising, but also kind of dark. Welcome to the real metaverse, sovereign enclaves and all.

tweet from @MNateShyamalan that reads, "i miss the early internet. people were like “you gotta see this dude. this cat sure is long.” and they were right. it was really long. it never shoulda gotten any more complicated than that."


Alex Falcone – I have nothing to hide.

This is such a journey in just a minute and a half.

Inside a Cult – Gender Critical (Part One – Recruitment)

Another feature length film of a video, and this one is only part one of three! I can’t speak to the whole series yet, but part one is worth a watch to see how gender critical groups gain new adherents.

How Do Clichés Evolve into Memes? | Otherwords

Meme All of the Things!


I would love to get some of these recipes. Pokémon are basic there as clickbait, but they aren’t needed to watch these delicious desserts get made.

Film Theory: Disney OWNS Your Face! (Disney Deepfake)

More clickbait, since he really means the actors in their shows/films, but I get the point. There’ll be even more times in the future where original actors/estates aren’t even consulted to make new properties with their likenesses now that computer tech has caught up with the idea of digital celeb.

Vaccines & Freedom | Philosophy Tube

I am guilty of forgetting that there are lots of reasons that people would choose not to get, or at least wait to get the COVID-19 vaccines. It’s worth a reminder to delve deeper into how to best navigate without knee-jerk reactions.


Episode 44 – The Line Between Debate and Attack – Underrepresented in Tech

It’s hard to tell online what people are thinking when they reply to you. Sometimes they can be misinterpreted. Sometimes you’ve got their intention exactly right.

The Most Online War Of All Time Until The Next One – The Content Mines

The way that people have been reacting online about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have been wild. You know that we don’t need to post about everything, right?

a fake trans documentary? – Queersplaining

Finding out that the reactionary Matt Walsh was secretly funding a documentary about trans people is weird but somehow not surprising.

Shadow Academy – Once And Never More (Official Video)

Dan Avidan has a new band and the songs and animations that have come out are beautiful

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