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Just a quick content note: this is my first issue sent out with Newsletter Glue, a new WordPress plugin for creating newsletters from the block editor. I’m really enjoying it so far, but admit that I have a bit to learn still. The creator, Lesley Sim, has been very helpful in getting me started with it.

The format will be changing slightly, and any feedback that you have on the changes over the next few weeks would be appreciated!

This has been one of those busy busy weeks. The ones that aren’t busy in a performative, “look at me, I’m working hard and sooooo productive” ways. Busy in the, “why do I agree to so many things why do we allow ourselves to be beholden to the whims of others oh right sometimes you’ve just gotta keep yourself alive and going and this is the way to do that.”

Phew, it’s exhausting. I’m looking forward to some time off soon, and am making that treat more concrete with a little trip that I’m planning. Intentional disconnection!

Of course even that has the tricky balance of a different type of performance, this one of the, “oh it’s ok, I’m already vaccinated, and I will be wearing a mask everywhere in public, and I wash my hands with vim and vigor on the regular.

Most of us can attest to vacations that don’t really feel like vacations by the time the planning and travel and schedules and check-ins and wait-where-are-the-tickets and the rest come in to play. I usually tie travel to work, which doesn’t help. The ongoing pandemic certainly doesn’t help, though I am grateful for the ability to be doing anything at all.

Whether you’re staying put or going out this summer, stay safe, keep others around you safe, and let that summer slow down happen. Maybe start with some of these tips?

tweet from @caraesten that reads
New Session is live: a collection of queer and trans works, only accessible via telnet. Works on all computers, from the Apple II of the 70s to modern PCs.

learn how to connect:

for the people who know: telnet
I’ve never used telnet, I think. Kinda wanna try it out for this


Darnella Frazier, who filmed George Floyd’s murder by police, should win a Pulitzer Prize – Roy Peter Clark, Nieman Journalism Lab

Yeah, seems obvious to me.

How the Personal Computer Broke the Human Body – Laine Nooney, Vice

I was not made to sit at this desk in front of this screen and keyboard all day, and yet here I am. At the very least, invest some time in working on your setup where you can!

How Did We Get So Stuck on Here? – John Hermann, NYT

Not only are we stuck in front of computers, but we’re stuck on social media sites, pushing further and further into our lives.

Tech vs. Journalism – Benjamin Wallace, NYMag

But hey, it’s not all bad! The tech world also hates journalism, because people who aren’t part of the tech world could say things that are critical of tech, and we can’t have that.

All hail King Pokémon! – Brendan Bures, Input Magazine

I know it’s all speculative trading and bubbles and capitalism and all that, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the story told of King Pokémon and his unlikely friendship with Steve Aoki.

Everything Is Becoming Paywalled Content—Even You – Jason Parham, Wired

I promise that when I become paywalled, I’ll let yall in 😉

tweet from @ariadnecrete
that reads "how to save your boyfriend from getting lost in your Dad’s maze.
[a thread]", followed by a spool of thread emoji
genius, and still not enough RTs.


Ignorance & Censorship | Philosophy Tube

It’s always a treat for me when a new Philosophy Tube drops. Talking about how ignorance can affect treatment of others is easy. Talking about how it can be de facto censorship and what that means for policy is 🤯

Anti-Trans Bills and the Bigoted History of “What About The Children” – SOME MORE NEWS

Florida has a bill that’s passed the state house with the intent on banning trans children from playing sports on the teams that match their gender identity. It will not shock me at all if it becomes law. I can’t imagine that any children were involved in the drafting of this bill.

I promise this story about microwaves is interesting.

The most interesting thing to me is that the inventor of (a) microwave is alive, and gave a good interview.

Earn $20K EVERY MONTH by being your own boss

This is from last year and I very well could have posted it then. But I’ve been thinking about what it means to be your own boss this week more than normal, and this gem of a video has been bouncing around my head.

The Best Simpsons Intro Is About Losing Everything You Love

I keep telling myself that I’ll watch Don Hertzfeldt’s films beyond the early shorts that I grew up with pre-YouTube. This is probably the best case that’s been made for me beyond Cinefix listing it as their #1 of Top Ten Animated Films of all time


Nine Inch Nooks – An Animal Crossing Remake of Nine Inch Nails’ Closer

You say you weren’t expecting to see a shot-for-shot remake of Closer in Animal Crossing? Well, you’ve got one anyway!

The Satanic Temple (with co-founder Lucien Greaves) – 2 Girls 1 Podcast

You can find community anywhere that you look. Even better when it is tongue in cheek while still serious

The eldrich horror of gentrification – Our Opinions Are Correct

Eldritch horror has been having a bit of a resurgence lately, if it ever truly went away. Gentrification is strange and messy and often very horrifying. It makes sense that these two come together so well.

That’s it for this week. Check out the new layout, and let me know what you think!